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  1. A weird one

    Brilliant! Thank you very much!
  2. A weird one

    Greetings! This one is a weird one - not much to go on. I've tried the usual online resources but coming up a blank. Anyone any idea? TIA
  3. This one's got me stumped

    Holy moly, Fred! You da man - thanks very much.
  4. This one's got me stumped

    Greetings! This one's got me stumped - I've whatthefont'd, matcherated and font findered it, but no go. Does anyone recognized it? TIA!
  5. Reflective

    Thanks to everyone who responded. My fault, I didn't mention in the original post I'm looking for colored (green) reflective :(
  6. Reflective

    Hi, Does anyone know if any manufacturer other than 3M produce an air-release reflective vinyl ? Our supplier is out of stock of the 3M. TIA
  7. Suggestions?

    Unlit. As to budget, no idea at this stage. They know a big sign isn't going to be cheap. Looking for ideas, I guess.
  8. Suggestions?

    Greetings. Have a client whose logo is a badge shape similar to the silhouette attached. They are looking to have the reproduced at a large scale (20' x 17' approx) on the side of a metal clad building. I've considered a rectangular image ala Acklands frames, but it seems to be crying out for...
  9. Light pole banner brackets

    Greetings! Can anyone recommend a source for pole brackets - the type that has two horizontal poles that a banner stretches between? TIA
  10. Application mask thru laminator

    Greetings! Any words of wisdom/tips on using our laminator to apply mask to cut vinyl? We have a load to do, and wondered if this would work ok. TIA
  11. Any idea?

    Oops - just found it - Edwardian Script. Sorry!
  12. Any idea?

    This one looks like it should be so familiar, but it's escaping me... any ideas?
  13. Quick adhesive question

    Greetings! Do you think Lexel would be good for sticking two 3'x3' pieces of ACP back-to-back? I'm pretty impressed with the stuff, but wondered how it work outside in a range of temperatures? Any thoughts or words of wisdom?
  14. Sign cans

    Greetings! We bring in our lit signs (standard rectangular alum. box with led lighting) and was just wondering what sort of markup you put on these items? Not including the graphics, just the box. I've been commonly adding 50%, but am wondering if that's not enough/too much?
  15. Suggestions Clear 1/4" Acrylic For Dry Erase Board?

    How about covering the acrylic with clear dry erase laminate?
  16. Any ideas?

    Thank you!
  17. Any ideas?

    Greetings! Anyone recognize this - not much of a sample, I'm afraid. There's a ton of grungy/eroded fonts out there, but so far no luck. TIA
  18. CMYK question

    Hmmm... I can't see how to adjust color management when opening or placing a file - only when outputting it...
  19. CMYK question

    No, opening or placing - eyedropper reads the same
  20. CMYK question

    Nope, the document was set to CMYK before placing - first thing I checked.