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  1. Summa Cutter - T Series

    It shows it installed
  2. Tiling Issue not closing cuts with S75T and Winplot

    I'm not a summa tech, but have you tried updating the USB drivers to the latest and have you tried other USB ports?
  3. Tiling Issue not closing cuts with S75T and Winplot

    It should work, you may need to update your firmware
  4. Tiling Issue not closing cuts with S75T and Winplot

    This is an issue with Winplot that was fixed in GoSign. You have to manually close your objects as Winplot doesn't like the close object command in files.
  5. Which place is this?,,
  6. Need Help Plastic Husky Bins + Signs

    Rivets! Drill holes and rivet it in.
  7. The Colorado 1630..

    If it's missing nozzles, I would make them repair it (we did). There is something wrong with yours if you can't run the "invisible" markers and it keeps somewhat in line. We get banding on some materials but it's consistent on all modes and limited to those materials.
  8. The Colorado 1630..

    What are you running in to?
  9. The Colorado 1630..

    We run on Quality or Production for most of ours.
  10. The Colorado 1630..

    From what I was told it would be just under $40,000.
  11. Blended Gross Profit Margins

    We are a 1 and 2 blend.
  12. Blended Gross Profit Margins

    I'm not excluding it, but we rapid write off everything if its not paid for in cash. So traditionally if it's financed you are not deprectiating it all in one year. If you take the traditional approach like Gene described and depreciate over 5 years we have higher Net Profit.
  13. Blended Gross Profit Margins

    We have averaged 38% for the last four years. We quickly weed out low-margin products or increase our prices. Now, that's not including all of our depeciation and etc. When you factor that we are below 20%.
  14. Offset black type on my HP latex 315

    It's the fabric, it pulls the ink. That's why it's bleeding in different directions on your prints. Try cutting your density down to under 120%. I'm not sure how to do it on the 315, you may have to do it in your RIP.
  15. Blended Gross Profit Margins

    I don't know how you do it... I would go insane at 10% net profit, I would find it hard to run a business at that slim of a safety net. But you have a great volume business that warrants 10% as you have consistency of growth.
  16. primer94

    Primer 94 is the best remover of primer 94. By applying more over the top it activates and you can wipe it off with alcohol or nail polish remover.
  17. Offset black type on my HP latex 315

    Are you using a generic profile?
  18. Offset black type on my HP latex 315

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet, but what is your ink density? After printing on phototex and other fabrics for year's, that inconsistent haloing is actually the ink bleeding into the fabric. It can be solved by reducing the ink density. Being a fabric product the fibers can draw ink...
  19. HP 365 vs HP700 latex, vs HP700White

    The White system on the HP is unique. You can remove the heads and fully circulate ink to prevent separation.