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  1. Probably custom font, need to match numbers to text

    Flip the Q in squadron over vertically and you have the 6
  2. What did these guys use to remove this trailer wrap???

    I use this from Lowe's. Also gets dried UV ink off vacuum bed.
  3. Font ID help, please

    I know I used this way back in the 80's, but can't remember the font name. Image is too grainy for FindMyFont to figure it out. I need the script font on the top. Thanks
  4. Start to Finish - Forum?

    If you have seen something used that does exactly what you want - can you not track it down again and get the name or manufacturer?
  5. Suggestions 4’ x 8’ UV Flatbed

    You cannot go wrong with a printer from Vanguard. Been at the top of the industry in unit sales and customer satisfaction for about three years running now. Not an employee, just an advocate. I had unit 001 from CET years ago, and Dave Cich and his team at Vanguard migrated from CET and took...
  6. Font ID help - obscure

    Hello, This "C" is from a bigger intertwined logo. I know its a squished version of something I have seen before with the upper and lower serifs on the right side. Have already run it through FontFinder and had no luck. Trying to avoid thumbing through the very large Linotype font reference...
  7. Do you think a Vanguard needs an air scrubber?

    A lot cheaper than cataract or glaucoma surgery.
  8. Do you think a Vanguard needs an air scrubber?

    I got mine from a graphic equipment reseller years ago for less than $1000. I would think there are probably some available these days. Just have to hunt for them
  9. Do you think a Vanguard needs an air scrubber?

    I run mine at about 1500 square feet an hour during the day, then drop it to 700 sq. ft. an hour at night to do continual scrubbing.
  10. Do you think a Vanguard needs an air scrubber?

    I would run an air scrubber (Island Air) for any wide format inkjet printer thats solvent or UV based. You are breathing that mist all day long and don't even know it. Worse than that is the mist getting caught in your eyes. There were times I would walk outside after printing all day and the...
  11. What do you print on when a client requests posters

    I have a dedicated flatbed and print a lot of thin .010 or .020 styrene. I keep any drops over 48 x 48 and print one off posters on them for folks. Cheap and easy and waterproof and if they want it to adhere to a wall or window, I use a removable microperf adhesive from Drytac and make it into a...
  12. Need Help Foam board on a UV flatbed printer getting warped.

    Is it a full 4 x 8 print, or is the map smaller? If smaller, just tape the egdes. Don't use hi power lamp mode for foamboard or try turning one lamp off. It will still cure, just be a bit shinier. Obviously, check for curl beforehand. I have same issue with my CET when printing to regular white...
  13. Card my yard

    Have you seen their prices? They want like $80 a day to display these things. Most places could just buy their own set and reuse whenever they want - especially hospitals
  14. Roll adhesive on back of styrene

    Varies from location to location from painted concrete block to sealed smooth concrete to dry wall. Have been using MultiTac mounting adhesive from DryTac, but just wanted to see what else is out there other than mounting adhesives.
  15. Roll adhesive on back of styrene

    Hello all, Looking for recommendations for Manufacturer/Product of a roll adhesive product that can be applied to back side of .020 styrene to make a poor man's temporary "decal" for multi location gym company. They don't want to use self-adhesive vinyl due to simple fact they can't rely on...
  16. Tabletop banner stand

    Yep. Saw these, too. They are buying it from someone else and marking it up a ton. A banner stand this size should not be more than $15 - $20. They want $40 for just the stand. I have tried all the manufacturers I know of. I think its just a Chinese one from some company I will never find.
  17. Tabletop banner stand

    I looked on their site and they have one that is 11.75 x 16.5 finished graphic
  18. Tabletop banner stand

    Can anyone name the wholesale manufacturer of this tabletop banner stand? I have found it at a bunch of different retail sites, but just need to order the stand alone. The graphic size is 11.75 x 21 Thanks in advance
  19. New Product Which Flatbed Printer to buy?

    Look at the models available from Vanguard Digital.
  20. Sign frame hardware

    Does anyone have an idea where I can find similar sign posts like these? They have that medieval castle kinda look to them. Don't know if they are standard or someone just designed and custom manufactured them. Thanks in advance.