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  1. What printer should I buy? Latex or UV?

    He said he only does stickers for 1 person. Sounds like nothing else but that. I suggested the ucjv because its can print and cut at the same time and the ink is durable enough to not worry about it in that application
  2. Has anyone provided Project Financing to clients?

    You wont be liable for a bank loan that someone else took out. The bank may call and ask you if you could repo it and have everything legally arranged or may ask you if you want to buy whatever it is back but that will be the extent of it.
  3. They've Had 3 Years To Fix This (FEMA Wall)

    MAGA aside, im just happy that someone figured out how to use the spellchecker:toasting:
  4. Has anyone provided Project Financing to clients?

    From my experience, they come looking when they know nobody else will touch them as if you're some sort of magician.
  5. Has anyone provided Project Financing to clients?

    The ones that will take the risky new starts are usually sharks peddling equipment leases. The lenders that call you promoting themselves make it sound great and easy but they are trying to sell their product that has a ton of profit in it. We get calls and emails from these people all of the...
  6. Has anyone provided Project Financing to clients?

    Thats what you can become and you also have to be careful with what you say due to privacy laws. The bank may tell you things they are not allowed to and you have to be careful to not convey that to your customer or you both can end up in hot water. Youre typically out of it once you're paid...
  7. Adding Employees

    I'm the same way and prefer to work more than hire. I can usually keep up but lately have been struggling having any flexibility to do anything but this. Im wondering if it is just me though because I get bogged down during the day with obligations in our other business. Im trying to figure...
  8. Adding Employees

    In a small shop with basic vinyl signs, vehicle lettering, no big installs, no wraps and no electrical. What do you feel would be a min/max revenue amount per employee to use as a basis of when another person needs to be hired? How much can 1 good person produce at a maximum sustainable level?
  9. Has anyone provided Project Financing to clients?

    Same principal but not exactly the same. We sell trucks and equipment but quit offering or getting involved in any financing. It's a big time suck because you are the intermediary and generally the people that don't have their own means to pay for things tend to be the ones that have credit...
  10. Is cut lettering dying?

    Some of it has to do with people being lazy. Not that cut vinyl is hard by any means but printed is much easier. How many people post on here about their new business with a printer but no plotter or laminator? Theres no shortage of them producing stuff. Theres a gray sprinter I see around...
  11. Suggestions PLOTTER FOR HP LATEX 365

    Wash your hands when youre done
  12. 115 or 315 HP system? looking for advice

    For just decals, Id be looking at the ucjv300 mimaki. Its durable without lamination, can print/cut in 1 motion, is easy to load and has good white. From what everyone says, the latex doesnt seem to be the best fit for short runs, media swapping and up close quality. Pretty much everything...
  13. Need Help Roland SP540v

    down right left up right down left. then left + down + right + power at the same time. You have to do it quickly IMO, its better to do all the adjustments in service mode
  14. Frustrated on blade/cutting strip changes

    Cant you just push/pull the blade out and pop another in like the roland style? I never adjust my blade depth once the holder is set.. In 3 years Ive only changed my blade once and cut strip is original on our mimaki, every few months seems like a lot unless youre doing a bunch of perf cuts.
  15. Looking to Buy a UV Flatbed Printer

    They dont all need 8’ in and out. Pretty sure an fb750 can print 8’ width. Theres a lot of arguments to be made but I think a hybrid will win the space debate no matter how you look at it.
  16. Business Interruption Insurance

    Thanks. I was curious about it just for a long term disruption that would be hard or undesirable to ride out like a fire or hurricane. A customer of ours had their building burn down and it took them over 2 years to get it rebuilt by the time they got through with all of the red tape. Same...
  17. Installers who say they can - BUT can't!

    If youre going to sub work theres one thing to always remember. You own everything. You can bitch, moan, whine and make excuses for work performed but its yours whether you touched it or not. You have to decide if youre going to accept losing customers over the inevitable shoddy jobs or take...
  18. Installers who say they can - BUT can't!

    This is why we usually turn down work that we can not do 100% in house.
  19. Scissor Lift in Car Dealership showroom tile breaking

    If you're scared, call these guys
  20. Scissor Lift in Car Dealership showroom tile breaking

    Problem with the tires is they are solid and have a real small contact area for the weight, just like a warehouse forklift. It would have to be something solid like plywood under it to disperse the weight. Not sure what you did to make it skid around, we run ours on plywood. Another thing...