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  1. Discussion Cut through to save time

    Ok guys, we make alot of decals on a laminated material. All of the decals hav a few 1/2"-1" circles in the middle. Currently weeding takes up the far majority of our time. I am wanting to cut these circles directly through the vinyl as well as the backing paper so thy just fall out or at-least...
  2. Need Help Flexi + HP Latex + Summa

    We have been having massive issues with cut size inaccuracies on a brand new summa s2 160 T cutter, hp latex 560, and sai flexi. We tested the same jobs through winplot and got perfect results. However, when doing it with flexi the cut sizes range from 2mm too big to 1mm too small on small cuts...
  3. Need Help UV printer how long can it sit

    Do you know how I would be able to tell?
  4. Need Help UV printer how long can it sit

    Thank yo all for the feedback! Do any of you know how I would tell if the company did an ink flush before transporting it? I am not sure how to check for that. Would the ink bottles be filled with clear solution?
  5. Need Help UV printer how long can it sit

    How long can a mimaki JFX200 flatbed uv printer remain unplugged in a warehouse? I am looking at hone used locally that has been unplugged for 3 weeks. Is it a lost cause? It is only 3 years old, and was printing perfectly before being unplugged.
  6. Discussion Looking to buy a flatbed uv printer

    What other brands are you thinking of?
  7. Discussion Looking to buy a flatbed uv printer

    Thanks everyone for the input! We are now leaning towards the mimaking jfx200 EX version. Looks to be a super fast and high quality machine. We will probably take out the gloss ink and just have white ink to speed up white backfill printing.
  8. Need Help Pricing?

    We have someone wanting us to manufacture iphone skins for his eCommerce site. Materials cost for the material he wants is about $2.30 a piece. How much would you guys charge ontop for profit for yourselves? He will be ordering a few thousand.
  9. Onyx Vs Flexi

    Hey everyone! We use summa s2 160T cutters, flexi has been doing 2 things. First is it stops flexcuts after the second foot of material length. It used to cutout our 6' jobs just fine. Now it just stops as if it stopped recieving data. Flexi support has been trying to work on it, but have been...
  10. Discussion Looking to buy a flatbed uv printer

    Awesome, thats what I figured. How long have you had your mimaki?
  11. Onyx Vs Flexi

    I have had terrible experiences with both companies so far. Flexi stopped running our cutters properly when we updated to 19, their support is now on week 3 of fixing the issue. Onyx when we send cuts, does not prioritize or organize the cut pattern. This leads to a very random cut order...
  12. Discussion Looking to buy a flatbed uv printer

    I am looking to buy a flatbed uv printer to print onto plastic cases. I am interested in the roland and mimaki. What would you guys suggest? Any experience to shed some light on either? The mimaki is faster and less expensive, but i have heard bad things about their support.
  13. Need Help SAI/Illustrator coloring

    Hey everyone! We just got an hp latex 560 in, and we cant for the life of us get colors to match. we are using arlon 4600 with the correct ICC profile. I am wondering, if we design in illustrator, should i design in RGB or CMYK? I am going to mess around with different rendering intents as...
  14. Suggestions New Printer/laminator

    Hey everyone! We are in the market for a new printer and laminator. We do only contour cutting print to cut. We have very detailed cuts and are printing about 100-200 feet of vinyl wrap a day. We are deciding between HP latex 365, mutoh, and roland. Just wondering your advice for the best...
  15. What is this process?

    Awesome, Thanks so much! How scalable is this? can a company make several hundred cases a day with this sort of process?
  16. What is this process?

    I am looking to add some custom case options for a few of our bigger clients, does anyone know what this process is? Watch that video, they print onto a material, then heat vacuum it to the cases which then leaves the pattern but no film. Thanks in advance!
  17. Gloss, Matte, Metallic??

    Thanks for the input! Any idea on models or makes that can do this?
  18. Gloss, Matte, Metallic??

    Hey everyone!! i recently ran across a company that is printing some insane bike decals. Somehow they are able to do matte and gloss finish on one print, as well as matte and metallic or chrome on the same decal. How is this possible? I am dying to know the process to expand for our fishing rod...
  19. Discussion Which printer do I buy?

    Hey everyone. I currently have a mutoh vj1324. Its old and needs to be replaced soon. Do I go HP latex? A newer mutoh? any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!!
  20. Suggestions Dust/lint on print

    I run some mutoh printers, and I am finding it next to impossible to not have lint fly in onto the media and then ruining some print jobs if there are enough. Is there a ribbon or something similar I can put across to keep lint off? Or maybe a brush that goes across it all? Do other printer...