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  1. Advise on horrible customer

    Haha, we may or may not have sold a roll of labels that resembled the above in the past...
  2. Wide Format Printer Reviews

    Even reviews on here will be biased... owners usually want to believe that the equipment they bought is superior to whatever they don't own. You'll need to read a lot and weigh it all up according to your circumstances. I strongly suggest you approaching manufacturers/resellers with your own...
  3. Windows 11

    Updates can often break old software which may no longer have support for newer versions of Windows. Or another example... Windows 10 21H1 broke my Epson accounting software for no reason whatsoever. The program runs fine, but will no longer gather any information from the printer after a job is...
  4. New Guy Epson S80600 color issues

    Just sent you a link to a profile you can test with. Check PMs.
  5. Need Help Engineering grade reflective vinyl electrical conductivity?

    Not 100% sure about 3290, but 680CR is definitely conductive. I just pulled out a roll and poked the probes of a multimeter into a corner and got an actual stable reading of ohms (approx. 100 over distance of 1/4"). The reflective part of the material is certainly glass, however there's a sheet...
  6. Safe temperatures for storing sign equipment ***

    Humid here... right on the coast (just below Sydney). You nearly need to swim thru it when walking down the street.
  7. Safe temperatures for storing sign equipment ***

    Me too (apart from the Norwegian). Unfortunately our new norm over here for summer is 100f+ for much of the time :mad:
  8. Onyx 21.1 announced

    Which Fotoba marks are you having issues with Pauly? I know at least one issue was resolved in 21.0.1 where if you tried to add space above a job the marks would go in the wrong place.
  9. Vinyl Roll Storage

    YelloTools make a range of storage options. Here are their wall ones: We use their floor ones though. We can store 9 rolls in less than 2' x 2' of space.
  10. Onyx 21.1 announced
  11. Getting weird outline on mouth, eyes, hands, skin on banner

    Looks like ink pooling... density is likely too high. Try another profile, reduce ink loading or try another material. We used to get this on a certain brand of canvas material. Only thing that fixed it in that instance was using something else entirely.
  12. Spot colors

    You can just get Onyx to do this in Job Editor. Color Correction tab, Tools >> button then Spot Layer Tool: "Fill Image Area" will add Spot white underneath any pixel that isn't pure non-printable (aka pure white) imagery. You can adjust the opacity of the white layer with Underlay Fill...

    We sometimes mask out the entire bed if we have lots of different sized pieces to print and the vacuum will still work through it. Oce even sell their own "Vacubond"...
  14. VS 640 issues.

    Any photos of the issue? I'm suspecting a dirty encoder strip at the moment. It's a clear strip that runs along the back of the main rail that the head travels across. There are very tiny lines printed on it that enable the machine to determine where across the rail the head is so it can drop...
  15. Epson S60600L

    Does it give the low ink warning or does it actually stop and won't print without changing the bag? Our S80600 can go for a very long time on "Low" so we just keep printing until it completely stops and asks for a new tank. I reckon there's easily 150mL in the tank when it claims to be low.
  16. 8' x 8' backdrop

    Outsource or search for "banner welder" on eBay and the like. You can get units that you 'walk' along the floor and melt the two pieces of PVC together in a straight line.
  17. So ready to leave the "city"...

    Looks tasty :beer
  18. So ready to leave the "city"...

    What's in the pink stuff?

    Yep, our tech recently advised to do this with every cleaning on our 80600... solid advice.
  20. So ready to leave the "city"...

    Wow your bones must be as strong as titanium... I get sick of the thought of that much milk. 1 litre lasts me a whole week. Going off soft drinks lost me ~8 pounds over 2 months with no extra effort. It's been water for the last 5 years or so. Don't feel any different but know it's better in...