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  1. Need Help I have angry customers :(
  2. Polycarbonate Sheets

    Piedmont Plastics - or a local vendor
  3. Discussion I know my answer already, what's yours...........................

    CV is cheap. Redo it the way they want. Eventually the regional manager will show up and notice you cant read it then they will sort it out internally and call you to come back and do it white. you get paid twice.
  4. Paper Floor Graphics - outside.......

    why are they calling it a "sticker" Its uncoated bond paper applied with wheat paste.
  5. Need Help Setting up tiles in Illustrator

    or overlapping art boards and save as pdf. Each pdf will be the artboard. haha.
  6. Problem with removing glue from a Graphtec FC8600 or which ever cutter

    I stopped putting those strips on there. they never lasted long and always the teflon would separate from the glue. I dont cut deep through the media so its really not needed.
  7. Suggestions What plotter is best?

    maybe your camera is bad. My FC8000 had the camera go bad. they replaced it and no more problems. we cut thousands of decals every week on the graphtec fc8000-160. lots of tiny .5x.5 decals with tight registration. keep the length down. also keep the L mark about 2" away from your print.
  8. Large format double sided paper?

    easiest fix is print two posters on paper. the only solvent two sided media I have found is ultraflexx 15oz smooth block out banner. your main problem is going to be registering the front print to the back print which is not easy on a roll fed printer. and if you do accomplish registration...
  9. Suggestions What kind of paper?

    I sometimes wonder if these are troll posts.
  10. GM vinyl for Camaro SS

    factory stuff is garbage. your better off using 3M1080 and knife tape.
  11. Question The best self-adhesive for labels

    I need one widget that does everything and cures cancer and feeds all the kids in the world and stops all the wars. anybody have any idea? haha. cups and hard plastics - you need a pad printer fabrics - silk screen
  12. Layout for Wrapping
  13. Layout for Wrapping

    no bid.
  14. Mounting banners on concrete wall.

    why TF is bannerups digging up a 7yo thread? BTW i had to google "curmudgeons" haha
  15. Question Looking for a double sided Poly material for printing with EcoSolvent Printer

    what is Poly? polypropylene banner? i think its too thin for double sided. image from one side will show on second side. print two and marry them? or you can get: ultraflexx smooth 15oz PET banner with blockout duratex 12oz smooth double sided PVC banner
  16. Perf Cut Decals Curling

    solid black is a real pain. the 4x solvents eat up the vinyl. try a cast vinyl and cast laminate.
  17. Dry Erase Wall Graphics - Ideas ETC

    GF111 is a bit entry level dry erase. you might want to move up to a drytac WEC51150 WipeErase® Clear 51" x 150' It has a 10yr warranty.
  18. How can I stop banners from frailing along the edges?

    simply cut with a sharp blade and not a dull blade.