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  1. Need Help Communications error

    Hello all, I am currently using Gerber Omega 4.0 software. When trying to output my cut files to my Summa S75 D series cutter, I get an error code reading Communications error on: Cannot Open USB: for Spooling (file name) I have tried the instructions through the help dialog box, I have also...
  2. threeputt


  3. Advice needed

    Definetly plus one for Summa!
  4. Need Help Signmaker 4B fonts

    Gerber Scientific Products?
  5. Software Help Shop management software

    One employee at our shop has looked into GraphixCalc. Anyone care to comment on this product?
  6. HEALTH INSURANCE!........How I loathe you!

    It says on their web page that you need to be a regular church attender, not smoke and use alcohol moderately. (if at all)
  7. Do you do this yourself?

    We have moved away from installations other than to apply vinyl to windows and vehicles. Most signs are cash and carry. Occasionally (rarely) we will do a post and panel install if it's a no-frills, easy one. The (2) options we offer our clients are these: 1) Have a third party of their...
  8. I need some help. Pleeeease?

    Anytime you have something like this, don't bother going about it the way you describe. Simply search Istock photo, CanStock Photo, Fotolia, and similar services. Locate the artwork, purchase the license for it in the size that best fits your needs. Then set the type over top. Should not cost...
  9. Here is a fun quote - scam or legit?

    Quite sure he'll find some sucker to fall for this. It's a shame, too. I have an intense dislike for people who wrap themselves up in the cloak of Christianity, for the sake of adding credulity to their fake and phony scams. ie: (may God bless you abundantly)
  10. Pricing help

    I don't see this as difficult to quote at all. There's a finite amount of space on each one. (assuming they are all identical) The factors that play into any print, laminate and install type job are in play here. Plus your design time if it's a custom pattern or layout. So that much is fairly...
  11. Here is a fun quote - scam or legit?

    You're asking if we think this is a scam? REALLY? Whatever gut instincts you have to post this and even raise the question, should alert you. Of course it's a scam. Does this fit any kind of pattern of customers inquiring about work? When have you ever seen something like this when it's NOT...
  12. need a supplier of magnetic/dry erase board

    Lowes's or HomeDepot have 4'x8' sheets of shower enclosure board. It's 1/8" thick. We've used it quite a few times. It's about $13.00 per sheet. It's only 48" by 96" so it might not work for you, this time.
  13. Corrupted file in Gerber Omega Composer 4.0

    Does anyone familiar with this particular software know of any way to retrieve a corrupted file? We sent a file to VersaWorks to print yesterday. Printed fine. Then yesterday we sent a separate file to Summa for cutting. Files prepared in the normal fashion. Today we find that we're unable to...
  14. Troubles with GBC Titan laminator

    Yes, and no. We had a tech come out and he said we needed the main PCB board. He got the machine to actually work while he was here, but recommended strongly that we order the part. So we did. It now sits here in a box, un-opened because the machine has been running flawlessly ever since he...
  15. Using the term "die cut" vinyl lettering

    I guess I'm being picky, but one thing that you see on this forum is a "stone in my shoe", so to speak. Why is it that otherwise knowlegable signmakers continually refer to cut vinyl letters as "die cut"? At our shop, we simply say "machine cut" which to my mind is more accurate. I do realize...
  16. Commercial grade silicone adhesive?

    Thanks Tim for that info.
  17. Commercial grade silicone adhesive?

    They said you can buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot. Don't see anything labeled that way.
  18. Design Priced by sq.ft. ...Really?

    Agreed. The pricing of wraps allows (should allow) for so many factors and components that are many and varied. Square foot pricing is for carpeting!!!!
  19. Commercial grade silicone adhesive?

    I've been instructed to use "commercial grade" silicone adhesive to mount the pads to the back of DiBond letters for an outside installation. This info was from the manufacturer of the letters. What I'm in a quandary about is that particular designation. Is there some sort of difference in...
  20. Stringing Fabric Banner to Create Shade

    That's an easy one. I would steer her onto "shade sails". Commercially available under that name. Sorry, but it won't result in any work for your shop, but she will be infinetly happier with those. I have two of the triangle shaped ones in the back yard of one of my homes. They're terrific...