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  1. UPS vs. FedEx?

    Ups has drop off locations at retail stores in our area. (advance auto parts) It helps to have an alternate place to bring outgoing packages if we miss the driver. Fedex doesn't seem very organized, many times we have had two different trucks make deliveries to our location on the same day...
  2. Contour Cutting

    Sounds like too much blade pressure if it is cutting thru the both the print and the backing paper. It looks like it is adjustable on this machine. Try setting the cutting pressure to a lighter setting. [DIGITAL CONTROL]- Cutting pressure with 20-500g adjustable, cutting speed with 20-800mm per...
  3. glow in the dark vs photoluminscent vinly

  4. Is this new............................................. ??

    There must be a local TV station looking for a story...............
  5. Help finding font

    Try Shelby Bold by Laura Worthington
  6. The following is a TEST..............................................

    ( In a british accent ) Is this the room for an argument??
  7. Font help please

  8. Font help please

    Looks familiar but can't find it anywhere ????????
  9. Here we go again- coro graduation signs.

    We just got our first order for coro graduation signs with step stakes. The first 500 or so.
  10. Question Anyone using Flexi on an S40600/80600?

    We use an old version of flexi that does not support the newer epson printers, version 11. We still do all of our design work in flexi with cut lines, etc. Export the file from flexi as a PDF. Then open the PDF file in Onyx rip-que and it will print & cut the file the same as if it was designed...
  11. Font ID Please

    Auro Bold Italic?
  12. Craigslist - Your Opinion

    Another vote for FB marketplace, you will get the same variety of people. You can always check out their profile before responding to them.
  13. font help please :)

    the top one possibly- Imprint Std Shadow Regular
  14. font help please :)

    The bottom one may be -Monstice Engraved
  15. Price check... real estate sign

    If you are in CT, RI, MA, NJ or parts of PA , that is all we do. Real estate signs. (Well maybe not, we do signs for the local pizza guy in exchange for free lunches on Fridays.) Yes, there are companies that just do RE signs. And we have lots of competition.
  16. Need Help Long Barrel Grommets?

  17. Need Help help to identify font please

    Pretoria by SoftMaker ??
  18. Which RIP software do you use ?

    We use flexi for design work and export designs as a pdf to use onyx rip & cut. Our version of flexi doesn't support our printer and onyx came with the printer.
  19. Font Help

    Added a JPG