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  1. Wich Printhead Ricoh 6Gen or Kyocera KJ4A

    Both are the same durability. Kyo is more expensive and print quality is lower than Ricoh. I like Ricoh because I can ultrasonic it when it gets clogged.
  2. Suggestions Time to update, Latex or Solvent?

    it use a synthetic water based ink. It's not a solvent based like eco solvent or latex. Pigments stay brighter, dry faster and remain flexible.
  3. What to do with older/obsolete printers

    Doesn't work for an obsolete printer.
  4. What to do with older/obsolete printers

    Salvage reusable components to sell for parts then recycle the whole thing.
  5. Printing prices

    For this install, don't forget to charge for dramamine.
  6. Need Help I suck at Photoshop...please help me

    Sounds like an immature 17 year old kid. He got what he wanted and laughed it out and cuss away.
  7. Need Help I suck at Photoshop...please help me

    Can you help me copy a stolen image on a photoshop?
  8. Need Help I suck at Photoshop...please help me

    Wow!!! 41 years in the industry. That's a long time to rip off other sign shops. Help provided when asking for help without the attitude. This guy should be a mentor to many of us here. I bet he'd made his billions by now. Sounds like a greedy power hungry MF to me. "Either my way or no way...
  9. Software for designing signs and posters

    You can't go wrong with illustrator. That's what most people use.
  10. Need Help Best Roland Printer

    I've been using stratojet hawk e72
  11. Printing golf balls ...durability

    There's a guy from Dallas who's printing on golf balls using a stratojet flatbed. He applies promoter and printing it on 8 passes. Works fine for him.
  12. UV printed braille on HP FB550

    I use my Stratojet flatbed to do braille. I build up layers of white. Here's an example of a pentagon print I did.
  13. Best print quality printer

    Check out Stratojet
  14. ONE coroplast sign

    I need to update my pricing and bump it up double and still be charging less than some of the posts here. I guess I've been charging wholesale on full color. I use a stratojet flatbed btw. I turn on machine when there's orders and turn it off again when not in use.
  15. Price to Charge For Install Involving Driving and Staying Overnight

    I charge $4k, that's including travel time, mileage charge, meals, gas, install and hotel. I don't do motel per safety reasons. I get nice hotels since it's paid for.
  16. Problem printing canvas on Roland Re640

    I also print on a canvas using a flatbed and I've noticed these types of streaks or unusual banding. After turning off the vacuum, the prints became more solid.

    Most of the time PC needs to be cleaned or defragmented. Remove unnecessary files that's clogging your memory, save it on a disc or a memory stick. This allows your PC to gain more memory space and solves the pausing issue of the machine.
  18. Discussion How do I know if I am really Successful ?

    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objective, and by considering...
  19. There, They're, Their

    Than and Then are also being mixed up so badly nowadays. It's annoying. Some people only know one language and they're still confused. "Things are better now then yesterday"
  20. Flatbed Printers..... The Cost of a Yard Sign?

    Little under $10 each for that size with full color. Stakes are available in home depot for a buck each.