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  1. Question Air channel vs not

    air release is the way of the future, i reckon. Its the only vinyl i'd use if it was available in the full range of colors. As for wet application, it works fine with air release vinyl
  2. Need Help cutting from roll vinyl

    as Bly says, use extended load. When you load the vinyl the cutter should tell you the available width you can cut. Turn off any weed borders in your plotting software as well. You should now have the width you have to cut. I work in metrics but with a 610mm wide roll, theres usually around...
  3. Font help needed

    Hi Gotta reproduce a sign which uses this font in a large curve of text but cant find it so far. Anyone have any ideas or info, much appreciated Thanks
  4. Painter passed away- want font did he use!

    Mon_6 (Regular) Thats the name i have in my system but i checked the info in properties & it says (C) Scanvec Co.(1990). So probably a Casmate font. PM if you need more info
  5. Font help needed thanks

    Hi I'm trying to id this font for extra text. Thank you for your help cheers
  6. Font ID please

    Madina Script (Clean) tho you will need open type to get all the characters
  7. Anybody ever seen this?

    I've seen something similar with reflective over black, not quite to that degree tho. Dont overthink it, just cover it up again. You'll never get rid of that shadow
  8. Font Help Bobbers font ID

    Cedar (Regular)
  9. Need help on this font..

    I'm chasing the name of this lovely font, if anyone could help. Thanks for any ideas
  10. Need Help Font Help Please!

    i think its probably based on Copperplate Gothic
  11. Retro type font

    Nightlife (Semibold)
  12. Font Help

    Closest i could find Typewriter Large Elite (Regular)
  13. Old Engraving Font i just looked at this site & the Roman Block looked close tho not bold enough. At least the numbers looked close :rolleyes:
  14. Suggestions any font close to this?

    FZ HAND 7 EX (Normal)
  15. Another Script Font

    i think you've got a hand drawn job there...the 'u's are different
  16. zeiss font...?

    Clarendon Black is vaguely similar.. you'd have to modify the Z & mirror for the S but its a common font you probably already have
  17. distressed font help please

    Any help with this font would be appreciated. Already checked WTF & What font is ? Got a fair bit of text to do with this another grungy font called Nidex... they look lovely lol Cheers
  18. Need Help Font ID help please

    Bodoni MT (Condensed) then stretched, for the Millers
  19. Script Font

    Zooja Pro (Regular)
  20. Need Help stuck trying to identify this font

    Aller Light (Regular)