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  1. UPS vs. FedEx?

    We used priority mail shipping to Puerto Rico. We use fedex to ship lower 48 states. We use ups simple rate (flat rate) for heavy item below 50 lbs like vinyl, Perf, banner rolls.
  2. Discussion STS inks. Anyone have experience with them?

    Any Jetbest ink users here?
  3. UPS vs. FedEx?

    Ups owns ups ground and ups express. FedEx owns express and subcontract ground deliveries to contractors. FedEx ground usually less care on packages because they technically don’t work for FedEx.
  4. Suggestions Aftermarket Ink for UJF3042HG and CJV30-130

    I always compare inkjet ink with mobile oil. Will the car run forever without oil changes? No. The UV ink, Solvent ink inside the printer has to move, filter for dampers needed be changed yearly. Wipers, felts, parts. Expired ink has to go like old oil has to go. Find the reputation ink...
  5. Be safe out there....

    Be safe out there everyone.
  6. Opinion JV150-130 Ink Options

    Yes you can mix print with OEM ink. I would just do all at once to save time. Feel free to PM for more information. We have a technician who resell our Jetbest ink in the east coast.
  7. Question Roland vs Printer sol max 2 ink

    Here is the profile download site.
  8. Question how to check ink compatibility?

    Depends on what kind of compatible ink. There are hundred of compatible ink out there. If you choose the right one with known name, most likely you won't go wrong. But if you decided to go to China and buy the least expensive ink you can find without a label or known name. Good luck. Change...
  9. Compatible Eco Solvent Ink for Roland Printer from JETBEST

    The Jetbest is now available in 220ml cartridge, 440ml cartridge and 500ml bottle.
  10. Looking for CHEAP printable vinyl

    Cheap doesn't mean the quality is less. Usually is but you found the right seller. Golden. We import our air release vinyl with permanent adhesive from Taiwan. Premium product. We are the direct importer for the factory to you. Macan 78993 Air Release Vinyl Permanent adhesive No glue...
  11. Rland VP-540 strange ethernet cable problem

    Roland VP series printers have known issue for Ethernet on the mainboard. Most likely you will be needing a new mainboard which is discontinued. We did put one in a few months back. It has to be special ordered. I am sure other people have talked about this issue.
  12. Jet best vs Bordeaux

    We sell Jetbest ink everyday.
  13. JV33 Pump Question

    LOL, Love it.
  14. Shaking ink cartridges

    We get 1,000s 500ml bottles and 440ml cartridges of Jetbest brand from Taiwan. We don't shake them while they are sitting in our S. California warehouse for 3-4 months. Not an issue so far for 8 years. I don't know if other ink brands need shaking.
  15. Suggestions 54 or 64???

    Most of our customers have 54" but choose 64" if you do vehicle wrap. That helps.
  16. Opinion JV150-130 Ink Options

    We are a merchant here. We have both original SS21 ink cartridges from Mimaki as an authorized dealer from S. California and compatible ink cartridges from Jetbest made in Taiwan. Both are great products. Feel free to reach out for more information. Original ink...
  17. Need Help Help me.

    Use original dampers, original station, make sure there is no air leak from o ring or failure parts. You will be back on any time. Aftermarket dampers will not work.
  18. The Sums of MIMAKI Experience.

    We dont' have experience using Onyx but Rasterlink can do a lot for the UCJV300 white ink configuration. Even with clear. I would choose CMYKCLWH over CMYKLCLMWH. I would stay with Rasterlink vs Onyx. UCJV300 - Always matte finish except the gloss effect. You can't make gloss prints on banners...
  19. Dishwasher safe decals for glass carafes

    We have magic film, made by Jetbest. Yes, they are known for ink manufacturer from Taiwan. Not for the eco solvent. Basically, you UV print on a sheet of film (A), Put Film B on top of it after finish. Now peel off Film A, use B to apply on a subject. Peel the A off. You just transfer UV ink...