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  1. Heidelberg offset press

    Thank you all for your replies. It's now gone. Ty for all your informations.
  2. Heidelberg offset press

    Cause i wanted the 5k brand new shirts, 3k brand new ball caps and the vintage roach iron ons :) Good with the bad :) for 1500 bucks...just made sense.
  3. Heidelberg offset press

    Hi guys, just recently bought a storage locker full of boxes of tshirts, hats, visors, etc and this great big press. I know nothing about it. Is it worth anything, anyone interested in it? It's in BC Canada. Any sort of info would b helpful. I'll attach pictures.
  4. anybody have EPSON GS6000 empty cartridge?

    Ok I have the full set of cartridges. Alot of them are half full or more. I think shipping is going to be expensive though.
  5. All it's missing is the circus music...

    We don't want Biden!!! I'll take Trump though! He has done everything he said he would do. Try an get a straight answer or any answer from our princess. He's to busy with either his 3rd or 4th ethics commission, black face painting, flying airplanes into wuhan to get Canadian citizens out and...
  6. Banding mutoh VJ 1624X

    I had to turn my heat down to like 33 an 35 i believe it was. Not sure if that would be your problem but it seemed to work well with me. I couldn't go over 33. good luck
  7. Polypropolene Rugs

    Thank you :)
  8. Polypropolene Rugs

    hello I just saw these custom printed 100% polypropolene rugs online and I was wondering if anyone has come across them, or knows what type of printer would be used to create them? Thank you
  9. WTB: 54-64" Print/Cut

    Hello thank you for the reply. I don't have 220v and I realize my options may be slim but it's just a hobby for me. So I'm not wanting to get to deep. Mostly figuring if ppl are closing their shop or upgrading their current setup. Just thought I would try :)
  10. WTB: 54-64" Print/Cut

    Looking to buy a 54"-64" printer or print/cut eco-solvent printer or UV roll to roll in good condition with rip software. I'm in Vancouver BC Canada so must be able to ship to me. My budget is around $9k cad or $6500 usd. all in. If you have anything you are looking to sell please let me know...
  11. Mutoh 1624 Comparable

    Hello, I have a Mutoh 1624 and kona 1400 plotter. I am looking to upgrade to a machine with better color yet keep the same sort of speed and print quality ideally with cut capabilities. I print mostly posters, banners, decals and canvas. I have been looking at both epson and canon but certainly...
  12. Mutoh 1624 Not printing

    So as title says. My mutoh 1624 was printing well up until today. It has sat idle for about 3 days and now...nothing. i had an error code this am " E074 CR2 Current" machine beeping. I turned off an went to work. Just came home turned on sounds all good, no error message. I tried a test print...
  13. Hello from Canada

    Hello from Vancouver :)
  14. Just In Hello from Adelaide Australia

    Welcome from Vancouver :)
  15. Wrap Installer in Vancouver Area

    Hello looking for a wrap installer in the metro Vancouver area. Have 6 trucks looking to get wrapped. If anyone knows of an independant that may be available it would be appreciated if you could drop me a dm. thank you
  16. When Cricut grows up...

    Lol i started with a cricut last year and now have a mutoh 1624 and a kona 1400 :) an i still thank all you for the help you have given me over the past year an a bit. Much appreciated.
  17. Banner Stand required

    Hello, I'm looking for a supplier who sells 10' wide by 4' high A frame banner stand for outdoors. A local church had one (plastic) and its broken twice on them now. Wondering if you guys know of any suppliers who may have something like this in aluminum. So it would basically be an A frame...
  18. Very large run of 2” round stickers/labels help

    Wow, how much would something like that cost?
  19. Mutoh VJ 1324 banding

    Hello, you figure it out? I'm getting same banding issue when i run canvas print.