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  1. Need Help Vehicle Graphic Transfer Tape Size

    Works just fine. Not ideal but we have done it many times.... Does tend to leave a thin bubble line where the tape overlaps though.
  2. Question Will this work?

    Congrats - as I said, it is definitely doable but you have to get it very exacting and some sort of thin tape across the backing paper overlap to prevent that from catching. :)
  3. Decal Application Instructions for Customers

    If the customer is applying it then the very first thing that needs to be stated is that the warranty ends the second you hand them the decal.
  4. Question Will this work?

    We have done it dozens of times..... Because there is often some slight defects or banding when it runs out we always just reopen the print job on the RIP, crop it to give about an inch of overlap (ideally there is some aspect of the design in the area that will allow you to splice it back...
  5. Can Printed Vinyl go “bad” after X time (weeks/months)

    Technically it can go bad but as others said, if properly stored indoors usually there is no problem. Just do not plan on long term storage of anything with app tape on it. App taped stuff will be okay for quite some time as well but storage conditions can drastically affect paper app tapes and...
  6. S2T160 not showing up in flexidesign

    For cut only - it should not be greyed out as long as you are working with vector shapes and the cutter is defined in Production Manager.
  7. 3M Materials Shortage

    They have for us but only to the extent that they will replace the material. You still have to eat all the costs of ink, production time, removal of the failed, installation of the replacement, and an inconvenienced/annoyed client. I've also been told that the 10 roll material deal is from what...
  8. News IJ180cv3-10

    Yeah, 3M calls it "quarantined" material. You get to pay full price (at least that is what I was told but maybe they are discounting it now) for questionably reliable material with no warranty and a 10 roll minimum. If 3M was taking some of the risk by selling it at half off or less I might bite.
  9. Question 3M Cast vinyl shortage?!?!

    On Avery we always use the 1060 which is the 2.1 mil version of their lam. Longer rating and the thickness can make it a bit easier to work with too..... On 3M I got lucky and was able to get 2 rolls of 54" (one mc and one CV3) but in a few weeks I'm going to be needing quite a bit more. Being...
  10. Maybe stupid question about vinyl and lam

    No lam.
  11. Forgot A Contour Cut...Again!

    What gabagoo said.... as long as you have saved the Flexi file just add the additional cut line and send the entire job again exactly as you did the first time (make sure to set the print job to "hold in list") and just do not print the job. Then you will have the cut job(s) waiting to run.
  12. printer does not start to print flexi file

    Ah - yeah that has gotten me more than once..... Somehow managed to change it to "hold in list". lol
  13. printer does not start to print flexi file

    Also make sure the port for the printer is still configured right in Production Manager....
  14. Flexi vs Signlab

    Been using Flexi for nearly 20 years but am tiring of the issues. We have always had perpetual licenses. Still on 12 because of all the horror stories on here when 19 first came out and many even being told to go back to 12 by SAi support! One issue I really see now is that we are now past the...
  15. Need Help Anyone know where to get the material to make this curb sign..looks cool!!!

    I'd contact Alumigraphics to see what they say. We have applied it to asphalt without any issues but it was older asphalt....
  16. Need Help Anyone know where to get the material to make this curb sign..looks cool!!!

    The advantage with the Alumigraphics is that is also conforms to surface imperfections (actually will split into deeper cracks but still looks great). We print it on our Mimaki solvent printers then liquid laminate it with Frog Juice. I have had pieces out that still looks good after 4 years of...
  17. Rear window perf on pick up truck- laminated or unlaminated, what do you do?

    The problem with many optically clear lams is they are too soft. While optically clear the softness allows the bridged holes to expand and contract with happens with temperature fluctuations and also from trapping too much air in the holes (you see this a LOT on perf installs) which causes...
  18. Removable Cast Vinyl?

    If you are going with cast then 3M 180 (in my 20 years of experience) removes more cleanly and easily than anything else unless primer is used which would not be with floor graphics. Aside from that though. Most promotional "floor graphic" vinyl is not cast and has adhesive designed to be...
  19. FlexiSign program

    Someone has a Flexi 11 perpetual license for sale in the classifieds right now....
  20. LXI slow - software or computer?

    LXI is just an OEM or private branded version of Flexi as far as I know. There was just a recent thread on that.... Basically Flexi tends to choke when there is any sort of transparency effects and it also can...