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  1. Rollover Flexi Flatbed Applicator vs Gfp 363TH Laminator

    Do you ever need to laminate very large prints, wraps or whole rolls? Laminating vinyl on the applicator table works fine and I have been able to laminate prints larger than the table but its a little tricky. If you mostly print 4x8s and lam and apply the table would be the best option. I have...
  2. Pole Banner Finishing

    I don't think you can heat weld double sided 18oz material. Anyway we use double sided tape then sew and grommet the ends.
  3. Here we go again- coro graduation signs.

    Ive done a couple thousand this year. Not as many as last year though. What do you think about my pricing? Sometimes I think I'm to high and was thinking of lowering the prices but with the coro prices going up 30% I don't think I can do that now. 18x24 Full Color Single Sided 50-99: $8 each...
  4. Question First $1,000,000 in sales?

    this would be great.
  5. Discussion I've owned an HP R1000 since April 2019, ask me anything

    Can anyone share how to get 3 pass to look as good as 4 pass? I have been printing yard signs at 4 pass because it looks much nicer than 3 pass. Is there a way to dial in 3 pass so it looks richer?
  6. Discussion I've owned an HP R1000 since April 2019, ask me anything

    Thanks for letting me know that. I assumed the R2000 took the 3L just like the R1000. I didn't know there was a 5L. I just checked and the 3L = $285 and the 5L =$325. That is a pretty good savings on ink.
  7. Discussion I've owned an HP R1000 since April 2019, ask me anything

    Hi Ryan how is it that you save 30% on inks either the R2000? I have the R1000 and was considering getting the 2000 maybe next year.
  8. Can HP R1000+ Print Borderless?

    A little rant about the R1000. You can't print on signs smaller than 8"x8" for some reason.
  9. Can HP R1000+ Print Borderless?

    Yes you can print full bleed. You will risk printing on the belt though. I try to stay away from printing to the edges but its not a big deal.
  10. CO Experienced sign shop leader needed in Frisco, Colorado

    Why is this guys post about looking for an employee turning into a debate of responsibilities? (no response needed) Anyway... I checked out your shop when I was on a trip in Breckenridge a couple years back and I liked what I saw. It's a very nice area! Good luck with your search!
  11. Max Metal Madness

    Sorry to "hijack" the thread. It's the only thread I found when I searched for Bubble-X.
  12. Max Metal Madness

    Does anyone know if Bubble-x prints well on the HP R1000?
  13. Looking for CHEAP printable vinyl

    The cheapest vinyl i use is ORAJET® 3641 Soft Calendered PVC Film 50" x 50 yd, Gloss $114 a roll I used to use it for doing yard signs before I got a flatbed. Its prints pretty good on my HP360 and it has a grey back too which is nice.
  14. Summa F-Series Flatbed Specials from Airmark

    email sent
  15. Suggestions Aluminum Cleaning

    Denatured Alcohol with a microfiber towel. I think the microfiber towel is very important part of it.
  16. Anyone actively pushing “green” materials?

    But it's not made from recycled correct?
  17. Anyone actively pushing “green” materials?

    I'd be interested in an alternative to coroplast for yard sign. Especially for the signs that are only used for 30 days then tossed out. If anyone know of something please let me know.
  18. Post holes with a drill...

    Wow the RPMs on that is way to fast to dig holes. I’d suspect you will break your wrists if you hit a rock. I wouldn’t trust it.
  19. .040 Aluminum for a building sign?

    Don't use .040 for this application. Its to thin and will look very wavy. I would suggest doing a pan face with 2" returns out of .063 aluminum and having a butt seam in the middle. Installing with aluminum angle and screwing it in on the top and bottom of the returns. If they are on a tight...
  20. Discussion I've owned an HP R1000 since April 2019, ask me anything

    Not sure if you do this but for example if I have 100 double sided signs to print I just send 200 and just flip the boards to keep it going so there isn't the reload process for the other side.