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  1. LED Lightbox Pricing

    Thanks Henry. Is that with or without the electrician?
  2. LED Lightbox Pricing

    My bad on not putting in the pricing forum. As far as my numbers, I know for a fact I have at least 2 competitors that frequent the forums. So...naaaa. Not happening. Back to topic. Anybody else want to post what those would go for in their area?
  3. LED Lightbox Pricing

    I have a 16x3 and some 3x6 (or 4x6) LED light boxes to put up. How much would you guys charge for the individual lightboxes and their installs? The 16x3 is going to have 2 dividers for an 8 foot center one. All same place and the customer is taking care of the electrician and permits. I just...
  4. Switched to Mac

    CutStudio has over cut and the ability to change offset.
  5. Switched to Mac

    I don't care for Killustrator either. Thanks for the info Wild West. I will check out that Virtualbox. I design in CorelDraw X7 so I'd install that on the Windows end. The only rip I have for this new GS is CutStudio. I don't know if I can use my Versaworks with it. So if I got Inkscape and...
  6. Switched to Mac

    I have a Mid-2015 MacBook Pro Retina with a 512GB SSD and the dedicated AMD 2GB video card. It has 16GB or ram and the i7 processor. It chews up anything I throw at it including 4K video in Final Cut Pro. The thing don't even get hot! I have Paralells Desktop 10 and run Windows 10 (bought 7 and...
  7. ROLAND Not cutting / blade not lowering

    Nothing was sticking or bent. As I suspected, it was a spring missing. The jam must have made it come off. We don't see it anywhere and figure that it must have ended up in the garbage with the jammed up media. Ended up modifying a pen spring and it's fixed. Will order the correct spring one of...
  8. ROLAND Not cutting / blade not lowering

    The housing around the blade holder is made up of plastic pieces. The silver metal piece that pulls out to the left to raise it back up is spring loaded maybe? That's not bent at all. You can usually hear it click up or down. It's not coming back up on it's own. The metal piece we pull out seems...
  9. ROLAND Not cutting / blade not lowering

    Interesting. I had mine jam yesterday at the beginning of a contour cut a few inches from the home location. I had to turn the unit off and remove the material. After loading my media back up and doing a sheet cut as I usually do, THE SHEET CUT BLADE (AND IT'S HOLDER) STAYED DOWN! So now when...
  10. CE6000 - Graphtec Studio Contour Cut Question

    I am considering picking up another extra cutter. I was looking at the 24" CE6000 for my home office to replace a GX. I have an XC-540, GX-24, and SC at the shop and may be picking up another 54" cutter for there too but that's another story. What I am wondering after looking at a bunch of...
  11. Looking for a used GX-24 Stand

    Send me a PM if you got a Roland GX-24 stand you'd sell me. Thanks.
  12. New York State Thruway Authorized Road Service artwork

    Looks like NYS has to make them. We did tell the customer that in the beginning. However, he said otherwise. Oh well. I tried. :cool:
  13. New York State Thruway Authorized Road Service artwork

    Thanks...but not the one.
  14. New York State Thruway Authorized Road Service artwork

    I am doing a fleet and need locate the New York State Thruway Authorized Road Service artwork. I've been looking around and am not finding it. Any help would be great. Thanks. Jamey
  15. Anybody know what font this one is?

    Thanks a lot!
  16. Anybody know what font this one is?

    I can't place it.
  17. Have you done a Mosquito Joe transit?

    I haven't. However, I work text and other elements into my design usually. This is also where good templates come in handy. Saves a lot of time scaling and positioning.
  18. Need a good uploader

    I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good uploader I can embed into my site that customers can upload their artwork to. Thanks, Jamey
  19. Anybody ever use 180C on ATV Plastics?

    Yeah. I figured that. I want the samples for graphics kits. I need to see if it is more cost efficient for me to use convex or substance. Wrapping another ATV...heck no. I'll hydro-dip it if anything. It wasn't really worth my time and I don't think it will hold up long. I told my customer that...