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  1. Suggestions Freehand Drawing Pad?

    Thank you all for the suggestions
  2. Suggestions Freehand Drawing Pad?

    Got a niece that is FANATIC about drawing, draws daily and is always asking design questions. She is currently focusing on very detailed recreation, example she will take an eye and get EVERY detail, blood vessel etc. with a pencil drawing She is to the age, Junior HS, that she is considering...
  3. Need Help Lower case "e" Font ID

  4. Need Help Lower case "e" Font ID

    Hello, Needing some help to ID the "e" Thank you
  5. Question What makes an illuminated sign cabinet "extruded"

    Thanks for the insight, we were both partially right
  6. Question What makes an illuminated sign cabinet "extruded"

    While on lunch break, me and another staffer started discussing the differences between EXTRUDED & NON-EXTRUDED internal illuminated cabinets. long story short, we both have different opinions and definitions. So here I am to see what the "experts" have to say / how y'all define the difference(s)
  7. Just In WARNING to anyone using a NAS, specifically QNAP

    Which Google service is this? The Google drive I'm using is pay by capacity
  8. Suggestions NEEDED: Contract Embroidery Services

    Hi, We are looking for a source to do our embroidery. We would provide the items (mostly caps, with the R-112 being the most common) from S&S an SanMar are the primary sources we use. A contractor who allows lower QTY, 12 is the lowest QTY per project located in Texas for quicker transit, but...
  9. Calling out size- height 1st, length 2nd?

    I was trained to do H x W, and only list inches. Not everyone does this, and I have taken to include the "w" and "h" behind any measurement, even if it is for in office usage. I still will only list the inch amount, and the decimal system for any partial measurement
  10. Need Help Excel Experts?

    rossmosh Thanks for the assist, I'm sure there is some guru that knows how. I was hoping there was a faster way that would "autofill", but since the known data is varied between points, I'm drawing a blank I am familiar with the =(end-start)/(COLUMN(end)-COLUMN(start)), but it's the rinse and...
  11. Need Help Excel Experts?

    Not Sign Related I opened my mouth with an offer, and now I am out of my knowledge range of Excel. There is a data field with partial completion. What formula will interpolate and fill the blank cells in the rest of the data table, while referencing both the ROW & COLUMN data that is already...
  12. Rant And the fun continues.....

    got a file last week of a "logo" in a raster format. After enlarging to the desired size there was heavy pixelation, about 39 DPI commented back, with screenshots, about the pixelation and asked for the design file, specifically in vector, and gave the option for EPS, CDR, AI hoping this...
  13. "...But we don't want to spend a lot..."

    We have this in the lobby....
  14. Just In Beta Testers Needed for enterprise sign business software

    ColorCrest your mention of "FileMaker" reminded me of an old thread
  15. Need Help 36 x 24 Lobby Stand Floor Pedestal Illuminated

    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, there are other options and we suggested that. Especially since they are the ones who sent us this link. The budget has already been set and they want to keep as close as possible. They have to have an "angled" display that is illuminated. * BLACK -...
  16. Need Help 36 x 24 Lobby Stand Floor Pedestal Illuminated

    Have a customer who wants to use 36 x 24 Lobby Stand Floor Pedestal Illuminated a directory signs. Unfortunately Displays-2-Go is out of stock indefinitely and google has been lacking on other options. Here is what they want...
  17. General Use Print Media? HP VS MetaMark?

    Do you have a website with the specs & prices? I'll pass it along for the high ups to review.
  18. General Use Print Media? HP VS MetaMark?

    Thanks for the comments / feedback.