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  1. need help missing black nozzles

    Seems to me that an entire block of one color suddenly missing might indicate a major single damper failure. Damper O-ring failure, Ink line failure and loss of vacuum. . . I'm curious to the actual cause myself.

    What is your definition of "Faux Gold Leaf" lettering? There are many types of materials that arte "Faux Gold Leaf". Some materials are actually 22k Gold impregnated vinyl with various patterns, some materials (various manufacturers/Brands) are Gold polyester with various patterns and there is...
  3. Just for fun

    Hmmm.... Time is not one of my strong points. I think I pondered your post for about 20 seconds before responding ...but it could have been 20 minutes. Who the HeII knows. IMHO, That particular style would best be left for use on Show Cards and the like.
  4. Just for fun

    Yes, I ate, drank and was merry. Now back, I pay the piper.
  5. Just for fun

    :doh: What the heck... first day back after the road trip I was thinking about taking (finally did so completely unplugged) and nothing much else to chime in on. Seems pretty boring after 3 weeks, 4500 miles and 9 States.
  6. Just for fun

    Hmmmm.......You gave it all of 1½ hours for us old timers to ponder. You could have resisted a bit longer. I would guess you found the sample in "The Alphabet Book" (Vol 1 / 1982) from the publishers of SignCraft Magazine.
  7. Why the product shortages?

    IMHO, It all boils down to a shortage of workforce. On one hand, some folks are choosing to not return to work while they can get unemployment benefits coupled with the extra federal covid response money, taking advantage of the system ...and a lack of incentive. Production / output is therefore...
  8. Font Help

    Monotype Corsiva
  9. Fully Vaccinated? Drop the mask!

    "Thinks" . . . "Thinks"? Look up Dr. Fauci + NIH + Gain of Function. Even the CDC has said that the virus most likely originated in a lab. Yes, they F**king around with Bats and the SARs virus . . . thus, playing with "creation" of a new bio-weapon etc. Use your "Gray Matter" here. It's...
  10. Fully Vaccinated? Drop the mask!

    Pass the Popcorn please... The truth about the "Plandemic" and the so-called "Vaccine" is coming out. "Truth" cannot be buried. The evidence is too great! The worst part is that people can be shown the proof . . . and yet . . . deny that they have been duped. "DENIAL" is the original "EASY...
  11. Baseball Type Font

    That's funny... I just found it in my collection as MLBANGEL
  12. Font ID

    I got nothing . . . Some greeting card producers, artists, etc., have there own proprietary fonts and or styles that they reserve without release to the public.
  13. Font Help Please

    Some version of Caslon ...(possibly Caslon Three) Note that the "spurs" of the S are switched for one another, (top to bottom and vice a versa), and the "heel" on the R has been softened.
  14. This job scares me...

    ...and win a "Rocket-Ride" out of this world.......:doh:
  15. This job scares me...

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not passing judgement on either the customer nor the condition of the money. I simply said that the OP needed to follow their own moral compass and decide what they feel is right.. I was just giving my own honest opinion. Only they/he/she, can choose the path to take...
  16. This job scares me...

    Ask yourself. . . "How do I feel about taking dirty or cursed money?" Do what fits within your moral compass. If you do the right thing, somewhere along the line you will find reward. Your Karma can be be either a Bitch or a Blessing depending on you alone.
  17. Baseball Type Font

    I got nothing. You can create your own numerals using Berthold City Medium and adding the spurs.
  18. HELP! Need matching a font!

    Abbott Old Style
  19. Message/Post "Rating/Reaction" options.......

    There seems to be a lot of non-signs related "crap" media shown, that could be deleted and therefore free up space. As for "reaction" buttons . . . how about a frowning (smiley) with a big raised eyebrow (big hairy eyeball) for use when questionable or improper information is supplied.
  20. Need Help With Matching Font!

    Very kind of you, but... I am not on the level of Tiki. While I have worked with many various fonts and typefaces on a daily basis for 48 years, Tiki is like the All-Seeing and All-Knowing Eye, The undisputed Master Font Guru!