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  1. Noisy carriage motor ( Option to replace bearings ? )

    Its actually the carriage motor that I need , I can't seem to find anyone that has one in stock .
  2. Noisy carriage motor ( Option to replace bearings ? )

    I have a VS 300i and I tore if down thinking the pulley bearing were bad that connects to the scan motor... Turns out the scan motor itself is whats making the noise . Is there a way to tear is down and replace bearings ? or ...... Do I run it till it can run anymore ? or fork out the 500...
  3. Summa D75 Added pinch roller SUCCESS !

    Thanks !! I ran a bunch of tests and I'm back to printing jobs with zero scratches ... Super happy with my technical skills ! Super glad I didn't listen to Summa directly lol . I took a video and I may even write up a HOW-TO if needed .
  4. Summa D75 Added pinch roller SUCCESS !

    As I was told by a few different people / places . On the Summa D75R 30 inch cutter , a 3rd pinch roller can NOT be added . If you want a 3rd roller you need to purchase a different model and that is $5000.00. After looking at my machine over and over and over again I said ... there HAS to be...
  5. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    Parts have arrived !! Now .......I just need to do it .
  6. Oversized pinch rollers for VS printers ?

    I'm curious if maybe they make oversized wheels for the VSi300 ? Ever since I got this machine I could never do contour cuts over 30 inch long sheets , I normally cut 25 inches wide by 30 long .. MAX . Anything over 30 inches = forget it . I was thinking MAYBE if I added bigger wheels it would...
  7. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    I guess I got lucky as I'm not having to remove anything on the left side at all other than the belt tension spring
  8. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    It's not a problem , I got the parts ordered and will be here in 2 days .. I can pray my tech skills are up to it !! I've built a few drones from scratch so I'm very tech savvy to say the least !
  9. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    I did read it , but I don't have a touch screen .
  10. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    Thanks I will give that a try ! I figured it was software based as the middle pinchroller has the sensor tabs on it as well . I have the parts on order so I will keep you all updated.
  11. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    I don't have any of this software , no idea where to even start ..
  12. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    Thanks , I hope !!!! I have it under control . .. I'm more worried about getting it back together perfectly than I am adding the roller lol .. but I took plenty of detailed pictures. If it wasn't for that blade dragging accost the other parts making deep scratches I wouldn't even care , but...
  13. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    No way to add it with the cutter assembled as the outer rotating bar goes through the pinch roller assembly .
  14. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    I feel some of you in here are not quite understanding what I am doing. I am adding a pinch roller to a machine ( D75 ) that does not offer a pinch roller upgrade option. They sell this machine as a basic 2 roller setup and thats it .. no questions asked. I do NOT want it to be detected on the...
  15. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    My roller setup only has 2 springs on it , but luckily from what I remember it doesn't even leave marks outside the crop marks . I use this machine only to cut thick material and its the same exact size each time. After taking it all apart last night I really see no issues of why this won't work...
  16. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    UPDATE= tore it down , 1 pinch roller is removed !! So far so good . ( I removed it as I wanted to make sure I could get a new one installed . I may go for 4 on this machine .
  17. Help me cut thick stuff

    Yeah 10 is just fine , I have it on my own ATV
  18. Help me cut thick stuff

    Well you sure have put some effort into this , As long as you have it setup like a flat table and have more than 2 pinch rollers you can cut the 10mil. I can tell you that it will eat through the blades left and right ... cutting with heat a single blade can last MONTHS ! cutting on the Summa...
  19. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    I'm only adding it for extra support while cutting thicker material . I don't think Summa wants to market a low budget cutter that has the option to add more pinch rollers . If I got a cutter to do exactly what I need it would cost thousand more. The sensors are basically there for a stop / stop...
  20. Bypass pinch roller detection ?

    HAHAHA , so funny you say this .. I just sat at my cutter and stared at it with my reading glassed on from the front side then the rear ... I can see a small eye pass over the 2 tabs that I have an actually pause to read each time.. once I saw that I said BINGO !! that is what it is .. Tomorrow...