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  1. 751C Alternative

    ended up getting some from us cutter but Grimco has the 17-39 days - crazy
  2. 751C Alternative

    I sually use 751 for basic car lettering etc. Can't get it at the minute. Is 3M 7125 or #M 180mC a good alternative? I should say it will be for cut lettering if that makes a difference.
  3. Pesticide Signs Pricing

    You might be better off with the coated paper ones like the lawn care guys use or the flags that the utility people use. I just did 1000 for a Critter Control company to mark their mole traps. Mark
  4. Is 751C out of stock?

    Thanks - Gimco got back to me and are refunding my order. They did say it was still on backorder.
  5. Is 751C out of stock?

    I ordered a roll of 30 x 10 751c in white from Grimco in Dec and it is still on backorder. Looks like many of the colors are 21-27 days (or almost 4 months). While I was able to get it elsewhere, has anyone else been seeing this or is it just a Grimco thing? Thanks Mark
  6. Font help

    Thank you all - can make that work
  7. Font help

    Need help on he RR and Ranch please and thanks Mark
  8. Interesting Quotes

    I named part of my company Third Monkey Marketing based on this quote - also use in my martial arts business all the time
  9. hand sanitizer stations

    Can you send me the information please to
  10. Apparel Transfers

    i use fm expressions all the time. Only had a fews issues on occasion but their one and two color programs are especially good
  11. Non Adhesive Perf

    I had actually thought of that but wasn't sure - I might try it - thanks
  12. Non Adhesive Perf

    So - I have a client that wants perf on the inside of a window that we can't practically get to on the outside. We only need something like a 9" x 48" strip (x2) or somewhere around that. I don't want to buy a whole role for something this small. Do any of you print on this and can do it for...
  13. Font Identification Please

    Damn - you are good! Thanks you
  14. Font Identification Please

    Anyone on the Hammer and Oak? Design? or basic font? Thanks
  15. Options for interior mount perf

    What are my options for interior mounted perforated film? Client needs to see it but not see in but windows can not be accessed from outside.
  16. Advertisement and exposure for fairly new biz

    Best thing I did was join a local BNI chapter. Has been fantastic for my business. We are conducting meetings online at the minute but that just means a great time to visit. If you are interested I can get you an invite to a local chapter. They are also waiving their one time application fee...
  17. Question Quickbooks Premier 2020, Price?

    I still use quickbooks but I really need to change. A few years ago they dropped me from their merchant processing because "I sold weapons". I run a martial arts supply company as well as a print business. I sell martial arts staffs, training swords, foam nunchaku and the likes. There was no...
  18. Conspiracy or not? Zoo Printing/4over

    Yeah I noticed two e-mails that came out from Zoo and 4over a few days ago that were pretty much identical. Thought maybe they were owned by the same people or maybe they have a marketing firm working for both. Weird.
  19. ACM 8 x 12 ft Sign

    Client wants 8 x 12 ft acm sign. So I normally just get 4 x 8 printed from merchant here. They can print to edge. If I layout my design in flexi how do I cut into 3 images for printing and then do we just align the seams after printing? (client will actually be doing the install). I know with...
  20. Suggestions Storefront Window Vinyl - Single Words Layout

    OP wouldn't be able to drop the spirit word. These are a set of tenets used by many martial arts schools (ITF) and is always written as indomitable spirit but if he just drops it down a little it will still work