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  1. The Game Changer

    Hey Kerning! I see you're from WF my old stomping grounds. How's it going down there?
  2. The Game Changer

    I get more people calling me from out of state. Wanting me to install signs already made and shipped. I get the feeling people are just buying signs online rather than local having them outsourced right in my backyard. Online shopping seems to be changing the game or has been. Should I just get...
  3. Estimates, Taxes, QBooks

    It's called too many hands in the cookie jar.
  4. Estimates, Taxes, QBooks

    Yes, Gino I hear ya. I just like to get y'all's take on it. We have someone to come in and clean things up. I like the online quick book idea I'll look into. But seems everytime I want to change software or methods it cost another grand. Tax rules have changed some Toad. If we make a sell out of...
  5. Estimates, Taxes, QBooks

    Taxes have gotten crazy. Each town and city is different and we have to know about it. So I look up each one that I don't already know and enter it into QB. So if I do it again then I don't have to enter it obviously. It's automatic. But I deal nationwide so it's complicated sometimes. I was...
  6. Estimates, Taxes, QBooks

    I have another question. Is there an easy way to handle taxes on the estimates I write up? I'm all the time getting the wrong tax information, tax code wrong for cities and towns. I use Quik Books. Is there better software to help me? Or should I have someone just do this for me full time? Also...
  7. Question Motivation, Incentives, Production Increase

    That's a nice answer! thank you.
  8. Question Motivation, Incentives, Production Increase

    I totally get that. But, As an employee once myself, they don't know if you're making money or not.
  9. Question Motivation, Incentives, Production Increase

    Thanks for all the great responses. Some things I'm dealing with are out of my control. I will create a better environment. Employees will follow my plan. I will get the right people. I do talk to them. Some things have been improving. I pay them good to work. I expect good work. Yes, I was...
  10. Question Motivation, Incentives, Production Increase

    I refuse to be a loud, mean, cursing, egotistical, greedy, lying, psychopath, cheapster, type boss, But rather a fair and firm one with the success of others in mind. So with that, I'm looking for ways to improve production. I want more industriousness out of my employees. More enthusiasm and...
  11. Flexi 10-10.5 Pro Discontinued

    Amen Brother! No warning or nothing. I guess you could say well it was great while it lasted. Now I can't even get through their phones for them to take my money. Must be the whole country calling them now. I tip my hat to a pretty good extortion plan on their part.
  12. Flexi 10-10.5 Pro Discontinued

    I should be able to run it without any more support if I choose to. I paid for that at least.
  13. Flexi 10-10.5 Pro Discontinued

    Yeah, a discount beats full price But what is the guarantee this won't happen again? Probably no guarantee. I have a version with the dongle and it still works but it's on a different computer. A cloud version needs to come with lifetime support if you're going to run on the cloud. I mean If I...
  14. Flexi 10-10.5 Pro Discontinued

    Surprise! Your Flexi No longer works. The one I paid good money for. 4 copies in fact. Called Flexi and they said, " Their server for the Flexi 10 Pro had went down and they don't want to order parts to fix it." So We have to upgrade flexi for $1,050.00 ea. Which feels like I'm being forced to...
  15. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    Sign.ed Sounds like a good plan. I'm doing the same thing today. Such Amaze!
  16. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    Yes, Marlene TimToad If it helps. I've taken over a mess that's already existed. Left for dead unattended whatever it's not good. I'm up for the challenge but a lot of fixing is needed and I love everyone's responses, very helpful thank you so much! We got rid of the thief I think. So we'll see...
  17. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    I like the Fastenal Idea. Not sure if it would work for us. It looks like this vending machine is for all consumable items and as long as they come from Fastenal. However, I have a candy machine that I could convert. hmmmm. Johnny Best I'm all for fun but G'dangit get the work done and done...
  18. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    @Yankee. Yes, they have plenty of time for joking and laughing. They have too much time for the cell phones and jokes. We had to lock that down. Not much incentive right now since they got in trouble with OSHA. Kinda hard to give incentives when you're paying for mistakes. Not that we don't want...
  19. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    Thanks for all the inputs. I'll definitely look into all this. I appreciate all you folks here at Signs101.
  20. Working Efficiently and respecting shop property

    This has been bothering me lately. I've noticed our shop hands seem a bit disorganized. I'm seeing too much walking back and forth for this that and the other. Tools in different corners of the shop. These guys need a tool cart and tool belts or something I think. Seeing a lot of wasted time. So...