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  1. Been a while since I have been here...

    Hope you all are doing well. Who is the current recommended source for a few DTG printed tee shirts? I have 3 different single color designs that I'd like printed on a few shirts each. Large on back, small on front left chest.
  2. Cool Signs in Montgomery, TX, doesn't pay their bills

    Theres a few tough asses on the internet that will tell you different but sorry to say, In MD it is already considered part of the real property and thus, property of the building owner now if it has been installed. You wont be able to legally take it back down under the premise of a...
  3. No serial port on new computer

    I have put off getting a new machine for soooo long. Still on Win7 myself. I need to get into a store and fool around with Win10 to see how bad it really is. Any software computability issues?
  4. Concrete counter top..Has anyone here created their own?

    Yes, I poured it into a form made from 3/4" Melamine sheet (with the foam put in the edges). Poured upside down to take advantage of the smooth melamine sheet face. You have to let it cure a couple days at least before taking the form off of it and flipping it over when doing it this way but I...
  5. Concrete counter top..Has anyone here created their own?

    Here's one I did at home several years ago. It's held up very well actually. Just regular 4000 psi concrete with stain mixed in. 3/8" rebar welded up into a grid of about 8" x 8". I felt that was necessary for the big overhangs. I am about 10 years into it with no cracks.. PA winters. I have...
  6. Simple eiffel tower vector?

    Hey Thanks! That saved me some time!!
  7. Simple eiffel tower vector?

    I am swamped with work and, although I have a bunch of the collections, I don't even have time to search through all of the books to try to find this. My daughter has a birthday Sunday and I want to do a 4 or 5' tall Eiffel Tower cutout of some sort for her birthday party centerpiece. Does...
  8. windows 7 update could break corel draw instsll

    What have you red they are doing? Thanks.
  9. Getting My First SmartPhone

    I'd have to say my experience has been the exact opposite of every statement made right there. The 2 times we have tried Samsung they ended up lagging, locked, and unusable with less than half the life of iphones on our accounts. Step away from the facebook.... According to snopes anyway...
  10. Do you like monthly fees

    Yeh, us too... Will never do that for any software. Will do without first.
  11. Sign Shop counters and displays

    I cant find an appropriate category for this post, sorry. I have an entire retail store's worth of slat wall displays (2), 4' sales counters (2), 6' sales counter (1), long display case (1), desks (2), customer chairs (4), and wall mounted snap frame sign frames (6). They are all matching...
  12. Why we cant have nice things in our area.....

    Reach out to that schools principal with your proposal. You're proposal must be the idea of the idea guy (at the school) whether that's the principal or PTA leader. Make it their great idea... You will get that job. Add $600 now for claw hammer removal of the existing. Your's looks great and...
  13. This is a really cool site

    Yep, you can also ask siri... “What flights are above me?” or just say, “Planes overhead.”
  14. Alloy Mill Finish Aluminum - Does it need to be clear coated?

    I dont wish to stray the topic but.. Nah, I will disagree with you. Myself, I could drive to Baltimore to get the sheets, cut and prep these letters at our shop, drive to Richmond, Va. and have them clear anodized, spend the night in a hotel, and meet my guy for the installation on the way...
  15. Alloy Mill Finish Aluminum - Does it need to be clear coated?

    There's one more option though, and it's my personal favorite.. Charge a premium for the rush. I do it all the time. Charge for your trouble and you'll love jobs like this.
  16. Free Stuff For Y'all

    Great thread.. very helpful to many here obviously. Love to see more posts like this.
  17. Upgrading Flexi 8.6

    6) Much more stable, fewer crashes and bugs. You should take this one off your list. Even if it were true, it's not a good reason to hand over your money again. This is right on par with having to pay for technical support.. another one-sided, P-on-the-customer concept.
  18. uShip - The only way to ship your Large Format Printer!

    Just listed my whip on there, will see what they can do. Thanks for posting D.
  19. uShip - The only way to ship your Large Format Printer!

    I have a dirt bike that I want to send to California from PA to meet me for an upcoming vacation. Will price them.
  20. What would YOU do with the money?

    I like Flexi products and I even like the work that went into your cartoon. But this is the worst idea ever... Change direction before the capsize.