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  1. Need Help 80600 and wrap vinyl

    That's unlaminated, I doubt it would do that laminated but surely it means the solvent is still in the vinyl which is putting some tension on the material.... This was done using an IJ180 profile and an Orajet 3951 profile
  2. Need Help 80600 and wrap vinyl

    I printed some Avery 1104 cast wrap material on Friday, left it over the weekend to dry. Cuting strips out of it results in this....Surelythe ink is not drying if it curls up on itself like this?
  3. Need Help 80600 and wrap vinyl

    Looks like they have addressed this now with the new SLX+ I am going to try some profiles for cast wrap print instead of the one I was using which was a generic vinyl one. Will a cast profile lay down less ink? I'm thinking this may have caused the problem....
  4. Need Help 80600 and wrap vinyl

    I've been having trouble with printing to cast wrap vinyl on our 80600 Had been using SLX but the fitters were complaining about it 'not sticking' I've tried Arlon 6100 XLP and Avery 1104 but they end up being very aggressive to fit, even when left several days to outgas. Been using a 360x720...
  5. Suggestions JV150 or Epson 60600?

    Yes, Mimaki are great. The Epson is a lot cheaper than the JV300 though
  6. Suggestions JV150 or Epson 60600?

    Yes, I already know the answer :) I just wanted to get a range of opinions to convince a colleague.
  7. Suggestions JV150 or Epson 60600?

    What would the general consensus be as to which is the better machine out of these two?
  8. LED Box Sign Hot Spots - Diffuser Ideas?

    what size was the box and how deep?
  9. Removal of vehicle wrap

    I think I saw this on Instagram. The matte red was a laminate over the chrome and it came off leaving the chrome still underneath.
  10. SC40600 Media Profiles

    In the UK they supply Onyx with it....
  11. Any ideas on what could be causing these print problems?

    Probably all encoder issues
  12. Mimaki jv33 Please Help

    Maybe just try doing the ink refill and a few head cleans..
  13. New Generation Epsons

    Yeah that is the one we looked at, someone has an ex demo 40600 available for a cheap price though so just wondered how much quicker it would be than our JV33..
  14. New Generation Epsons

    Can anyone tell me what the print speed is like on the 40600 at six pass? How much quicker than a JV33?
  15. Wrapping a trailer with... nothing

    Do they not do KPMF polymeric wrap vinyl with air release over there? That's what we use for covering big flat sides.
  16. S40600 is amazing!

    When I had a demo on the Epsons they said no ventilation was required?
  17. Car Wrapping Question

    Wrap it in satin black, put gloss black graphics on top.....
  18. Major Issues with HP Latex 310

    Have you tried wiping the media before it gets to the print platen to eliminate static? It looks like an issue we have on our JV33 on some medias where static builds up.
  19. How Concerned should I be about Gassing Out a print?

    It's not that the print will fail, but it will be much harder to fit and also harder to remove. Also if you trim the print when it's still full of solvent it will wrinkle and shrink back.
  20. First time buyer questions - looking at Epson S60600/S80600

    Do these GS3 inks still require full outgassing time as per older solvent inks? We're looking at a new machine but we often do full bus wraps and the drying time of solvent is an issue when you have circa 100m of print