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  1. removing grommets

    Cut the hem off and re-hem? You'll lose a couple inches.
  2. Need Help American Flag vector file

    Adding to Bobby's advice: for everyone's future reference, most country flags can be easily found in SVG vector format on Wikipedia.
  3. Discussion Becoming very commonplace recently.......................................

    The population of this forum is heavily American, despite it being open to anyone. Most non-American members here don't see many others from their own country. Canada has about 1/10 the population of the US, but I haven't seen nearly that many fellow Canadians here.
  4. Chip Gaines at the WH

    Did you even watch any footage from the BLM protests and the Capitol attack? When the BLM protests began, there were thousands of videos showing plainly that it was the police who initiated the violence on peaceful protesters, and continued to stoke violence across the country with their...
  5. Chip Gaines at the WH

    To clarify: George Soros doesn't pay protesters – that's a sensationalized and misleading way of phrasing it. George Soros funds non-profits that stand for causes he believes in, like many wealthy people do. Those non-profits organize protests, like many non-profits do. It's not some sinister...
  6. Chip Gaines at the WH

    Not sure what you're implying, but to be clear, the Capitol attack was not a protest that got out of hand. It was a pre-planned attack. Far right extremists have been posting plans openly on public forums for weeks in advance, as has been widely reported...
  7. Font ID help - obscure

    Do you have any more letters you can show us?
  8. Need Help PNG's

    Little known fact: PNG files can in fact have vector data inside them, but it's a bit of a hack that was implemented in Adobe Fireworks, which was a vector-based application that used PNG as its native file format...
  9. Does this site give out our email addresses?

    Yeah gabagoo your email is in a comment on your profile page.
  10. Variable fonts?

    Heebo is an open-source font, so it's free, and you can get it from Google Fonts here: Just click the Download button and you'll get a ZIP file containing the variable font and a set of static fonts. I doubt Signlab supports variable fonts yet, but you...
  11. Variable fonts?

    What is the name of the font? I don't think any type foundries are releasing fonts only as variable – we're not quite there yet. You should be able to get a regular old "static" version of the same font.
  12. Variable fonts?

    What are you trying to do with them? I might be able to help. Variable fonts are super useful for designing signs, as they allow you to fine tune the width or weight of the typeface without "stretching" the text or adding a stroke to artificially embolden.
  13. Safety sign colours

    That ANSI chart is outdated. Brown and grey are no longer safety colours, and most of the Pantones have changed. Here are the current ANSI safety colours from the Z535.1 standard

    Haha don't even get me started. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only designer in the world that knows how to set up a file properly. Even the official logo files for corporate giants virtually always have stupidly obvious problems. It barely bothers me anymore. I'd be doing nothing but posting...
  15. Cut Lines not showing in Versaworks EPS files but will with PDF files

    PDF is a format for finished production files, not working files, and clipping masks are a basic building block of how PDF files are built. Editing a PDF in Illustrator means you're taking a production format and reverse-engineering it back to a working format, which is always going to be a bit...
  16. Cut Lines not showing in Versaworks EPS files but will with PDF files

    For what it's worth, we've been using only PDF files in Versaworks for many years now. Maybe it's time to switch? EPS is a legacy format, so it only really makes sense to use it if you're on a legacy system that doesn't support PDF.
  17. Thank you, Mr. Benguiat!

    ITC (publisher of U&lc), posted PDFs of all the back issues on the blog a while back, and the links are still active. Enjoy!
  18. No "convert fonts" options when doing a save as pdf?

    This is going to be a little opinionated, but I can explain exactly why Illustrator doesn't have the option to convert fonts to outlines when exporting a PDF. The PDF format is meant to preserve objects (text, images, vectors) in their native format, so that it's as flexible as possible for the...
  19. Discussion Not exactly logo......................................

    Corporate brand guidelines for a large real estate franchise are destined to fail on everyday signage and marketing materials. The only way to guarantee that the guidelines will be followed, is to have a centralized design team that takes care of all the design work for every office.
  20. Chance for me to help a friend. FOnt ID. 5 or 6 different

    1. Helvetica or a clone of it 2. Univers is the closest match I can come up with 3. Helvetica or a clone of it 4. Eurostile 5. Helvetica or a clone of it 6. Helvetica or a clone of it If you want better matches, you need to A) post more/better images of the text, and B) you might not be able to...