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  1. Roland cx-24 with xp driver cutting dashes

    Hello Gene & OP! Thanks for all the input! Gene, Generally I use this machine exclusivly on win 98 and have for a few yrs now, and I would like to upgrade it to run on Xp if I can figure out the tiny quirks!! LOL! Yep still runnning thermoflex and have all that down pat, just not running the...
  2. Roland cx-24 with xp driver cutting dashes

    Yep cutting directly from corel, the only setting I can see if the print screen that may have a impact on the cutting would be the "tool". Not sure if it is supposed to be tool1,2,3,or 4 or machine setting. I tried machine setting and that didnt change anything. Still printing in short...
  3. Roland cx-24 with xp driver cutting dashes

    Im not even sure how to set it up to "pounce".. is it in the corel draw software or the XP printer set up window or directly a set up cmand from the cutter?
  4. Roland cx-24 with xp driver cutting dashes

    I have the roland cx-24 hooked up to my XP , installed the XP driver and have sent a design to the cx-24, should be cutting long smooth lines, instead I am cutting short dashes. Whats the issue? Thanks!
  5. how to get .cdr to .pdf

    With Corel open.. click File then select Publish to PDF Or you can click print and select PDF as the printer and it will make it a PDF file. I am using corel version 9 and have Adobe Acrobat 6.0
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  10. Stika sx-15 hellp?

    Corel Draw will cut directly to the sx-15 and all other roland cutters so even if you buy the program, if you upgrade to another roland machine you are not having to learn new software all over again. I also started out with the sx-15 and thought it was a great little machine for what I needed...
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    vector doctor does just basics for me really fast, clean and inexpensive!
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