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  1. FB700 Gray Balance has pink hues. What do I do?

    We printed a large pantone color chart and whenever we need to print grey's we pick a grey off the color chart we like and use that.
  2. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    I switched over to Arlon since everyone is out of Avery and have found the same issues with Arlon. I am having a dryer installed on my Roland on Monday so hopefully that will correct the problem.
  3. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    We already tried lowering ink limits without any success. You have to copy an existing profile and rename it in order to change the ink limits. I think we lowered it by 20% and it was the same as before.
  4. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    We are using the correct orange/light black profile and have tried many others. My distributor has been out twice trying to correct the issues but no luck. I don’t feel it is an Avery issue as we are having the same problem using Arlon and their profiles.
  5. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    We have tried many profiles suggested by Roland and still have issues. Yes we also have a set up with a fan which blows down. After a wrap is printed the material is uncoiled and rests on the fan. The wrap can sit on the fan for days then it goes to get laminated. Still tacky.
  6. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    I’ve been in contact with Roland the past month. I also shot a video explaining the issues. They told me they were working with Avery to see what is happening but haven’t heard anything. Hopefully the dryer solves the problem
  7. Roland TrueVis and Avery MPI SC-1105 issues

    I'm going through the same exact issue and have tried bumping up the heat as well with no luck. Tried many different profiles and also reduced the ink levels. This is also happening on other materials and not just Avery. I tried Arlon SLX+ material with slide technology and it did not work...
  8. Time for a new printer

    If we are installing box truck wrap we can’t lay down a panel in one piece as it’s too tacky. Have to install one foot at a time. Install takes so much longer. My old Roland XC-540 had no issues.
  9. Time for a new printer

    Yes we are using Versaworks. Have tried all of the profiles Roland has suggested in discussion with them trying to resolve this. We are installing an additional heater next week to trying to rectify this. So frustrating.
  10. Time for a new printer

    I have a Roland TruVis VG2 and have not been happy with it. We do a lot of wraps and the dry time needed is a couple of days and it is still a little tacky. Install takes much longer than with a latex printer.
  11. Roland TruVis VG2 wrap printing issues

    For the past several months we have had issues with our Roland TruVis VG2 and wrapping. After printing we let the material dry for a day or two then laminate. The vinyl would stick immediately to the vehicle and was difficult to reposition so it made wrapping tough. We are using Avery cast...
  12. 1/8th maxmetal/dibond multicamm 3000 settings

    Couple of things: Make sure your table is milled and flat. I checked with my operator and she said .12 is cutting dept beneath substrate. If you have to keep going deeper then something is not right.
  13. 1/8th maxmetal/dibond multicamm 3000 settings

    These settings are what I use on my Multicam 3000 router 50 speed, 30 plunge, 14800 spindle, climb cut, 1 pass for 1/8" bit If it is just round edge panels you could use 1/4" bit with these settings: 148 speed, 60 plunge, 14300 spindle, climb cut, 1 pass
  14. HP Latex R1000 Pro or R2000 feedback

    We use Onxy for the HP FB500 and Enroute software for the Multicam router. Yes we are using the oscillating knife along with drag knife and router bit.
  15. HP Latex R1000 Pro or R2000 feedback

    I have a HP FB500 and a MultiCam 3000 router and flatbed print and router cut afterwards without any issues. No issues with ink chipping after router cutting.
  16. ROLL-X or CWT questions

    I also bought a Rollover last month and have also had issues with silvering. It can do everything except mounting clear laminate as bubbles are everywhere. They do mostly go away after 24 hours but they are still noticable. Their youtube videos show mounting clear laminate but of course it...
  17. Cutting 1" Ultraboard CNC router

    Our settings for 1/2" Gatorboard we usually use 1/8" bit. 50 speed, 30 plunge, 400 spindle, 1 pass
  18. Cutting 1" Ultraboard CNC router

    I also have a Multicam 3000. Here are my settings for cutting brushed metal face on foam 68 speed, 60 plunge, 14000 spindle, climb cut, 2 pass
  19. Need Help Need help with Rolls Roller Flatbed application

    The bubbles appear immediately after applying clear laminate to decals. Rolls Roller replied to my concerns and they said it was silvering which will go away in 24 hours. I would say this almost true but still have probably 10% of the bubbles are still there after 48 hours. Of course they...
  20. Is newer Roland TrueVis VG-540 inferior to older model XC-540?

    I've had an XC-540 for 13 years and ran it daily. I bought a TruVis VG2 and love it. It has the orange ink cartridge and the colors really pop. I've had it a couple months now without any issues and all the little issues I had with the XC-540 are solved with this printer.