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  1. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

    I recently purchased an HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 for printing my tabloid size drawings. It was a great deal for only $250 via Amazon and it does everything I expected of it and more...
  2. Opinion Corel Draw 2021

    I am running Corel Draw version 2021 (Version 23) and after three weeks of working almost every day, it has only crashed twice. It seems to be a more stable version than earlier ones.
  3. Question Raceways for channel letters

    Back in the "old days" of neon illuminated channel letters , when a raceway was needed, an 8"x8" raceway was the defacto standard. Now that we use LEDs, the power supplies are getting to be amazingly small in size, so a big 8x8 raceway is not needed anymore. So how small can we go? It is...
  4. Need Help Acronym help

    I looked at the "State of the Industry" page that shows the results of a survey of the sign industry. one section is titled "CAS/Commercial Signs". What does the acronym "CAS" stand for?
  5. PhotoShop pointer issue

    In photoshop CS2, how do I set the pointer cursors back to the default setting? right now when a selection box is drawn (marching ants) it shows a linear icon with a plus and minus sign when I use the scale command to try to expand hte selection box. The default was a simple arrow pointer.
  6. Channe letter wiring running through expansion joints

    The landlord in Florida wants the wiring run not behind the wall, but on the facade in what he calls "the groove" which I see as expansion joints. The idea is to run the wire and cover it in a "weatherproof sealant". In my 25 years as an architectural & Electrical Sign Designer, I have never...
  7. Need Help How to mount 1" pvc FCO letters 4 1/2" from fascia

    A cleint wants his 1" deep flat cut out PVC letters to be flush with 5" channel letters above. What is the most inexpensive way and the mot esthetically pleasing way to mount thiese letters. They are unitized Brush Script font and range from 4" to 8" in height. I was thinking of using 7" long...
  8. Discussion Corel Font Mangler

    I have been wanting to put this issue to bed for months now. Corel is supposed to answer within 6 hours from the chat, but this problem is likely to be at the coding level. Tech support was clueless and they have to research it.
  9. Question Need best Electronic Message Center vendor

    Greetings Sign people: I designeing a project that will have an electronic message center. Who is a good vendor and their website? Daktronics comes to mind but there may be others.
  10. Cannot ID this arced script font....Help Please

    It is not Brush Script, it is not Mistral, it is not Rage Italic. I have tried What The Font and Find my font to avail. The software and web site cannot ID a font that has been arced to a path
  11. Need Help Need an expers wholsaler that can manufacture a large flexface sign

    I am working on a huge pylon sign design that has a face so large that I want to use a flexface system. I need a wholesale sign shop that can fabricate this component of the sign. The sign cabinet is 9'-81/2" tall, 20'-0" wide and is shaped like a squashed tombstone with a curved top portion...
  12. Logo design foir a model comany start up

    I have been working with a client in a logo design, He is starting a model company that will market flyng models of scale rockets and missiles. He wanted to empansize scale so we went with a micrometer. As the the font I gave twenty options and he picked one. The micrometer has only one issue...
  13. Calculating Sign weight

    Hw do I calcuolate sign weight in a design that is on paper and not built yet? Is there a formula for channel letters and cabinet signs? like pounds per square foot?
  14. Bad Fire Evacuation Maps

    Here is an example of a poorly designed Fire Evacuation map. Fire evac maps have to be thoughtfuly designed. Remember that these maps are usually only looked at when there is an actual fire. People are in a panic situation. The map should be simplified and should show clearly two routes of exit...
  15. Coreldraw X8 Drag And Drop Copy Crash

    On CorelDraw X8 drawings that get complex with many extrusions, perspectives, lenses. When I try to drag and drop copy or a simple object, Corel locks up and windows closes it. This occurs on another designer's computer also, so it is endemic to all Corel X8 installations, I think. I tried...
  16. A Drawing I Did Please Critique

    Please critique this drawing I rendered. It was done with Corel Draw
  17. United States, California - Covina

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? United States of America In what state or province are you located? California In what city or town are you located? Covina What large city is nearest you? Los Angeles Check all items that apply to your listingLocal Networking...
  18. Font Conference