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  1. Dent repair?

    We did a local sign installation of a sign that was shipped ready to install from a big sign company in Alabama yesterday. It came in a large, heavy crate, bolted to a steel frame inside the crate. When we unpacked it, there was a dent in one of the faces of the sign (it's .063 aluminum on a...
  2. Suggestions Supplier for Router-cut ACP

    Looking for a supplier of custom router-cut 6mm aluminum composite panel sign blanks. I browsed the merchant area but it doesn't seem any of them do this. Anyone know of a good one? I've searched and there are none within a reasonable drive of us.
  3. Suggestions Custom cut aluminum supplier

    I used to have places I could get custom cut substrate shapes from, but they have either gone out of business or stopped providing the service. I am needing 5 or 6 circles cut from white .063" aluminum, 18" diameter. Who can I get them from?
  4. Question Pricing wallcovering

    I am trying to do pricing on a wallcovering job. It will be a dividing wall in a shop building. The wall is painted sheetrock, flat except for lightswitches and such. There are two 12x12 garage door openings in it (which don't have to be covered). The wall is 90' long. At the ends it's 16' tall...
  5. Rotating in Onyx Cut-Server

    Our 54" plotter is malfunctioning, but it's going to be at least 3 weeks before the replacement comes. In the meantime, I was thinking about using the rotate function in Onyx v. 12 Cut-Server to be able to use our 30" Graphtec plotter while we wait. I can rotate the job, it shows me the feed...
  6. Onyx 12 and FC9000

    Our old Mimaki plotter is showing signs of shooting craps, and I'm looking at a new Graphtec FC9000. We use Onyx Production House 12. The salesman is telling me I'll need to update my Onyx to use the new plotter. He won't say definitely that we can't cut with v12, but is just leaving it...
  7. Installation on glass covered facade?

    Another day another weird installation. New store moving into an old building, long disused. It was originally a 19th century/turn of century brick building, that some time after the lake was dammed in 1930 was refurbished with the then-modern black architectural glass that is stuck to the...
  8. Looking for bolt caps

    We're doing a sign at a mall in a space that used to be a GNC store. The cabinet is shallow, it has LEDs inside, and the outside has fluorescent lights all around the edge. They're small tubes, relatively short and they just have them lined up around the outside. There is not face on the sign...
  9. American Wreckers

    Happened to see a commercial on TV for a show on History Channel that we did some work for. It's called American Wreckers. About demolition derby. We did decals that are featured on the cars, which divide the cars into teams and name the drivers. Not our design, but the TV production company...
  10. Holy Work?

    I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the TV show "God Friended Me" (I've never seen it but I've seen plenty of commercials). But I wonder if God is branching out beyond Facebook into e-commerce or something. I just got the attached email:
  11. Font with cutout

    Can anyone help with finding this font? Usual search sites/tools turned up nothing.
  12. What paint for PVC?

    I have a job I was going to use Gemini acrylic letters on but my installer is trying to convince me to use routed 3/4" PVC letters. However I would then have to paint them (red for some, blue for others). I've never had much success painting expanded PVC. He recommends Behr Ultra house paint...
  13. Help with font

    Have this one that I need help with. First thought was Optima, but it's not that. As you can see, it's not an outline font originally; that was done as an effect.
  14. Font ID Please

    Anyone recognize this font? Tried the usual methods to no avail.
  15. Hate Thieves

    So I saw this news headline that thieves are now stealing signs in Houston. What on earth would you need to take other people's signs for?
  16. Number font help

    Anyone know a source for this font? It's a jersey number font Nike uses. Hoping there's an equivalent out there somewhere. They call it Morgantown Bold Italic.
  17. Script Font

    Anyone recognize this? Customer says it's called Brush....but that's not what Brush looks like in my computer.
  18. Western fonts

    Hoping someone can recognize these western fonts. My eyes are going buggy searching and FMF doesn't come halfway close.
  19. Recognize this? Barletta font

    Can anyone recognize the font used on Barletta? The B reminds of Blacksword, but it's not. Might be 2 fonts. I know the font for BOATS already.
  20. Looking for an installer, south central Missouri

    The installer we used to rely on for electric sign installs has gone out of business. I have a job to swap out some flex faces and possibly relamp with LED's vs. replace fluorescents. Anyone near me interested? We're at Lake of the Ozarks.