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  1. Going to semi retire.

    Been a while since I was an active part of the forum and I have missed the group. I have had some back problems this year and ended up getting rods and screws put in it to try and fix it. While all this as going on I greatly scaled back on what I was doing on the sign side of things and I think...
  2. New colors from Summa

    Got a new color chart in the mail for my DC4 and it has three new ribbons listed and examples of each. They added metalic silver and gold and a prizmatic ribbon that looks pretty cool. I may order the metalic silver, I think it will be a good addition to the colors I keep. Now if they would just...
  3. DTG with white

    Looking for a source for printing DTG with a design that has white in it on black shirts. Thanks Jimmy
  4. Scrap HDU

    Looking for some scrap HDU to use for a RC boat project I am working on to try and cut a plug for some small parts using my router. Need some pieces 8"X8"X2" but will take anything I can get. Willing to buy them and pay the shippping. Will take as much of the small stuff as I can get to do these...
  5. United States, Virginia - Gloucester

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? United States In what state or province are you located? Virginia In what city or town are you located? Gloucester What large city is nearest you? Yorktown Check all items that apply to your listingInstallations (Basic, no...
  6. Help on this font Please!

    Need to ID this one please or something very close. Thanks Jimmy
  7. Did I make any money?

    Not sure if this is the right section for this but we will start here. With all the new folks that have joined I thought this would be a good question to pose after someone asked me the question "If the materials only cost you $10 why do I have to pay $40 for this?". In one of the newbee post...
  8. Need help with this font

    Doing a quote on replacing these and the rest of the lettering on the building. Everything is the same font and they look like they were cut on a router. And yes the S is upside down along with all the others on the store. Thanks Jimmy
  9. Need a mount

    I got a request from a strip mall to install several signs along the covered walk way. They have a requirement that all stores have a 24" long sign across from the doors with their name on it and the are all the same size and color. When the built the place they installed these anodized mounts...
  10. large scanner

    One of the things we do with the router is custom engraved windshields for Harleys and I need a way to scan the templates I make. I have been putting a grid on them and doing them a piece at a time with the small scanner and putting them together in Corel and tht is a big pain. I did a search...
  11. Router bits

    Well my project router is progressing well and i need to start getting a basic collection of bits together. I have made some request for catalogs and the Amana one has shown up. The first thing I am going to order is a spoil board cutter and go from there. I want to get some feed back from you...
  12. Any one else built your own router?

    I decided to build a router to add to the shop. I think I have read most everything I could find on available routers and build your own info. What I have designed is a 50"X100" work area 6" Z and space to add a fourth axis. The steel got here today and I'll post pics as I go. Looks like a fun...
  13. Cutting master 2 problem

    I just got my FC700-160 setup and installed the cutting master pro software and when I try opening it up through the launcher in it gives me an error message "Running CorelDraw not found". Any ideas? Thanks Jimmy
  14. Any ideas on this one

    Customer wants to match these and I am having no luck matching this one up. Thanks Jimmy
  15. Who makes a good camo fill

    Well hunting season is approaching and got a request for some camo vinyl. They are looking for the camo like Real Tree. I showed them the stuff I have in my Aurora print craft but it is not what they want. Any sources would be helpfull. Thanks Jimmy
  16. Edit bitmap opens piant

    Well after trying everything I could think of I give up. I needed to go in and add some details to a skull for a project. Imported the vector image, set the fill to 20% black, and converted it to a bitmap, 200dpi and grayscale. Hit the edit bitmap button and instead of photo-paint, paint opens...
  17. Eagles talon

    I need a eagles talon or a talon tearing through a surface for a project. I found an eagle on Freds site I could possible use. If you have a source that may have a talon or claws it would be a big help. Thanks Jimmy
  18. Changing opacity of a pic in X3

    I am working on a banner design and doing it in X3. I have a pic I want to use as the background and want to change the opacity. I looked everywhere and can not find how to do it using X3. I ended up doing it in photoshop to get through the design but there has to be a way to get it done in X3...
  19. New stuff from Aurora

    Went on Aurora Graphics web site a little while ago an they have some new stuff. Digital flames, wrap fills and print and cut chrome. Has anyone gotten any of this stuff yet and what do you think. Looks pretty nice. Jimmy
  20. Bones

    Been looking around for a font that looks like bones, without much luck. If you have sources please let me know. Thanks Jimmy