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  1. Doming ALPS printouts

    There are multiple types of resins used for doming, some of them are Polyurethane and others are an epoxy resin. Epoxy will yellow in the sun in a very short period of time where the Polyurethane resins will work fine outdoors.
  2. Roland SP300 Versacamm

    Speaking as someone who has owned both I would say the Mimaki is more of an industrial machine. Part of this is the way it is built and the other part is that it does not cut. Roland made some compromises to build a print/cut machine, these work great if you do small print/cut runs, but do not...
  3. Take-up Reel??

    The Media will not stick to itself on the reel. Prints generally only stick when they go face to face (ink to ink). The reel will roll up the vinyl onto a emty core so that it does not touch the ground. Yes you can get one through any Roland dealer. I believe they are around $1,500. One...
  4. New Pump

    Its a piece of cake... I can walk you through it over the phone in about 15 minutes.. Feel free to give me a call at 832-515-6458
  5. Black in Photoshop not so much in Flexi??

    Give RGB 0-0-0 a try... That should make the darkest black you can print.
  6. Looking for Print and Cut Machine.

    You should really take a look at the Roland versacamm, definitely the easiest machine to get into for someone who is new to the printing business.
  7. Shopping for mounted or external dryer 540v Max

    The article you are speaking of was in Digital Graphics magizine and was written by Corey Hanson (aka Mastersignwizard).
  8. Print-head longevity

    As I said on I think you or your tech read the numbers incorrectly. You have not gone through enough ink to fire that many dots.
  9. Check your waste ink tanks!

    You might want to check the sponges in your capping stations too. If they swell up and touch the heads it will drain the ink from your carts and fill up your bottle and over flow it. I know Ive had it happen.
  10. Cutting Stainless

    A waterjet would be another good option...
  11. Cutting Stainless

    I think your probably going to have a hard time with stainless. I have some stuff that I get laser cut and it looks really nice.
  12. Roland vs. Gerber cut quality?

    If its an older machine it could be bad pinch rollers..
  13. Roland 300 not printing black

    Glad it worked for you Bob.. :) I know it sucks to break down and not be able to print on a 3 day weekend.
  14. Roland 300 not printing black

    Bob, give me a call at 832-285-5225 and I can probably get you up and printing again.
  15. help trying to drain the ink

    I was just digging through the manual and it says you must have 4 carts... I am however almost positive you can do it with just 2.
  16. help trying to drain the ink

    You can do it with 2 carts. I do not remember the procedure though.
  17. Roland Versacamm SP-540V (54") Take-Up Reel Questions/Comments

    Ive been using the 30" one for quite some time. Its great if your doing prints 8 or 10 feet long, but a takeup system would be better if your doing prints any longer than that on a regular basis.
  18. Roland Versacamm SP-540V (54") Take-Up Reel Questions/Comments

    The 540V version has been avaible since the begining of April... :) If you look towards the bottom of that post you will see a photo of it.
  19. Is this a Good deal?

    If its from SSK its a good deal, if its from Signwarhouse its probably not a good deal. ;) These are the only 2 companies I know rebranding Mutohs.
  20. Flexi Profiles for Roland Media

    There is a decent collection of profiles at Click on the dowloads sectin from the main menu.