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  1. Can't get Connected

    Are you using a bridge program like Co-cut?
  2. Summa Cut-off Knife

    This is probably obvious but you can flip the blade four times before you need a new one......just look at the tarnish on the corners to see which have been used. Figures I'd spend big money on equipment and worry about the cost of a razor blade.....
  3. Summa Cut-off Knife

    Dunno, mine came with a SummaCut D60. Maybe they were out of the blue ones? Bonus for me! It fits right in the groove on the Summa. I don't see how you'd break it unless you tired to cut aluminum sheeting with it. One thing I do wonder about is replacement blades. I'm about due for one.
  4. Summa Cut-off Knife

    I use something called a Summa Couppy? It works great and is solid.......
  5. do i need more fonts?

    Font Thing runs on XP. I have it on several XP machines.
  6. do i need more fonts?

    I have thousands of fonts and I still need more. What you need is a decent font management program (one comes with CorelDraw that works) and there's a free one out there called "The Font Thing". They allow you to install/uninstall fonts, view them, etc on the fly. If you install "too many"...
  7. Your Ebay Experience

    My eBay experiences have mainly been in the selling category. Before "signs" it was sports cards from my own collection (approx. 500,000). I now have an eBay Store for vinyl and between the fees, cutthroat competition, and management of the store I'm probably closer to breaking even than I care...
  8. SummaChrome VGX-24 anyone tell me anything about this

    It appears you can still get supplies at I'd call and ask them how old this printer is and how long the supplies will be available before I bought it.
  9. Honest Opinions For Cold Feet!!

    I have the Versacamm SP-300 and use CorelDraw and the ColorRip 2.x software. It's very close with colors although I wouldn't want someone running around holding Pantone swatches up next to my prints. I've never used any of the other rips. Seems like an expensive experiment to me. If it ain't...
  10. Question about Photoshop

    Various versions of CorelDraw (since 3.0 when I started using it) have tried to be many different things. Has anyone ever produced anything with Corel R.A.V.E.? Its been called a desktop publisher, a web site program, etc. Unfortunately for Corel, other programs do all that stuff better...
  11. getting ready to lose it. CX-24 Write port error.

    Does your plotter have a TEST function?
  12. Need Help - Strange Corel Result

    I imported the file into Corel 11 as a Postscript Interpreted EPS and got no segments. I didn't have to do anything odd to make it happen either.
  13. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    The long and the short of it is that color selector on the contour tool doesn't work the way you expect it to (at least not the way I expect it to). Just "Break" the contour and color each contour separately.
  14. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    If you're using an external modem IT might be using your only COM Port.......
  15. How to get 3000+ font size

    You lettering a water tower?
  16. 4.95 Won't Run on my XP ??

    Have you tried Windows XP Compatibility Mode? Right Click on the executable for Signlab (the icon you click on to start the program), Select Properties Click the Compatibility TAB Click the Check Box under Compatibility Mode Try WIN 95, WIN 98, etc Who knows....stranger things have...
  17. Align ?

    Another way to do it would be to: select VIEW>SNAP TO GUIDELINES Click and Drag on the ruler to create a Guideline Click on each object and move it to the Guideline Each object will "snap" to the guideline and will abut each other I found no "automatic" way to do it.
  18. Align ?

    Zoom in, hold down the control key and nudge it over using the arrow keys? You can adjust the "Nudge" distance in the TOOLS>OPTIONS>RULERS. Holding the control key down makes it a "micro" nudge. There's probably an automatic way to do it but this is how I'd do it.
  19. Help! Cutting from Corel.

    Your plotter may also have settings for cutting. Some allow you to cut once, twice, or more times............... Most times, its the graphics piled on top of each other. Some programs do that when they export/convert files.
  20. Hello from NH!