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  1. Skateboard Heat Transfer Material

    the vinyl on the bottom of the boards also makes it not conducive to sliding/grinding and will pretty much tear and rip off on the first deck slide.
  2. Mimaki maintenance mode

    yeah i had been trying various things and just figured it out before i refreshed my page :D, thanks for the response
  3. Mimaki maintenance mode

    nvm I figured it out, and now to share. you have to hold the F1 & F3 at the very start and just less than 30 seconds in you will hear a beep, when you hear the beep, let go of the buttons.
  4. Mimaki maintenance mode

    So someone had shared with me the way to get into the maintenance mode of my Mimaki UCJV300 by holding down F1 and F3 buttons on the printer at boot. It appears Mimaki has updated the process. I suspect they [Mimaki] added a specific time count to hold it as I caught the tech still using the F1...
  5. Anybody use Mac?

    I think the new version of Flexi is supported on Mac now.
  6. Laptop or desktop?

    you could copy your Fonts folder to your OneDrive if you are using WIndows.... As for desktop or laptop. I'm old school and like desktops, I also use 4 monitors b/c I like to have my email always open in one monitor, my browser on another monitor. my flexi on another and my adobe stuff on the...
  7. Mimaki UCJV300-160 patchy printing

    could that be the humidity in your shop causing the paper backing to ripple? I know I have a roll of Perf that is on some shitty paper backing and I can't do a white layer b/c if it sits to long rolled out the perf vinyl starts rippling away from the paper. In my case I think it's the cheap perf...
  8. I'd like to buy another copy of Flexi

    just so you know, only the new version of Flexi is 64bit...
  9. Horrifying sound at night...

    rabbits when caught tend to sound like crying babies.... so that's a thing too, if you hear what sounds like a baby crying in the ditch at night, it might just be a rabbit being killed by a fox or coyote.
  10. Need Help Newbie Wanting to Wrap My Boat

    So I'm jumping in on this thread but because I am looking at doing some side graphics to our family Skiff. I'm looking at printing a design, what vinyl would you recommend? I typically use Arlon SLX for wrap work, but I've never wrapped a boat. wrapped cars and trucks, but again, not doing a...
  11. Head Light and Tail light Decals

    I would not rely on online templates being exact though either. I used a few and they all are off by a little. i've found as much as an 1.5" error on a backwindow for a F350, it was 1.5" bigger than the template vertically and 1" smaller than the template horizontally, fortunately I had made the...
  12. Need Help Digitally Printing Reflective / Removal

    I always hope the owner gets rid of the vehicle before I have to do reflective removals...
  13. New Hire Contract

    thank you. I am planning on calling my insurance tomorrow actually to find out how much I'm about to add to plan lol.
  14. New Hire Contract

    thank you. are there any tips or advice you can give when hiring part timers?
  15. New Hire Contract

    that could also be an thing too. I did see that on another post but didn't want to link the ideas if they weren't one in the same. been doing things solo so long, I have never looked into this before.
  16. New Hire Contract

    I don't know that I would, but that's why I'm here asking.
  17. New Hire Contract

    Does anyone have a new hire contract template they would be willing to share? Looking at bringing on a part timer but have never hired anyone before.
  18. Panther 24" Cutter Drivers

    it's an actual device, there is a driver to download for it though too.
  19. Need Help White & black ink on transparent?

    1. I'm using the UCJV-300-160 with a CMYKLcLmWW setup. I can't compare to any other machines as this is my first wide format printer. I chose this b/c of the cut option since I'm running out of my basement and space is limited. 2. I have a few things outside for testing, one of which is my own...
  20. Need Help White & black ink on transparent?

    UV inks tend to be more opaque than solvent inks. I think they are also more opaque than latex, but could be wrong on that. The black at 1200 x 1200 is fairly dark, but if you really want it opaque you can simply print additional layers. I have a client who does plexi silhouettes for consoles...