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  1. Does logo design matter?

    I like it!
  2. Font ID

    maybe a thank you!???
  3. Font ID please

    thank you
  4. Font ID please

    thank you for the help
  5. Need Help Summa DC 4 SX blending colors don't match and a streak in the middle of the print

    I would recommend a linefeed calibration test. They do recommend doing this each time you change the role of vinyl.
  6. One Shot Question, rolling, coating MDO, dust in finish

    This is what works for me. I sweep the day before painting. I do not sweep or blow off anything off the day of painting, the MDO is lightly sanded and tact ragged down and put aside. The day of painting I pour water on the floor to keep the dust down. I use one shot thinned a little bit and add...
  7. yard card signs and big head /fat head signs

    1:50 for the good stuff
  8. yard card signs and big head /fat head signs

    Carpet Cutting Hook Blade Oscillating Tool works good. need to practice.
  9. Font ID...Why are bad fonts the hardest to find? a close second
  10. eagle and flag

    this is close
  11. And the Font is.....? very close
  12. Small Size HDU Sign Supplier

    I don't know if these guys are a merchant member or not. But way back when when I stopped hand carving signs I went to them. And they've been my go to people for carved and sandblasted signs.
  13. Font Help Needed

    Yearbook CG Filler (Regular) is close or yearbook outline
  14. Font Help Font help.....I can never find them even with FMF looks good. Tuscan Caps LHF (Regular)

    Gobold Uplow (Regular) is close
  16. Font Help Please

    Trajan pro bold
  17. Font help please

    thank you TBLLO!!!
  18. Font help please

    Any help much appreciative. It looks familiar but I cannot find it. Thank you in advance
  19. Font ID Please

    Close to TR Bedrock (Regular) / (Commercial)&ffam=TR Bedrock - Regular&fstyle=&fsize=60&fid=747979b8bcdbbc4994303372242ca581&wrap=2&text=SRY
  20. Need Help Font help please

    Thank you guys very much