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  1. Looking for best prices aluminum sign blanks in the US

    Robert & Sons Aluminum Newman Georgia 770.252.2323 I just recieved 1000 .25 white 12×18 blanks.
  2. Discussion New machine or repair old

    You are definitely doing something wrong. I have Never had a head strike. I run multiple rolls of vinyl and magnet daily. I run two xr640 printers all day long and at the end of the day, I put another roll of vinyl on each one correctly and send 100 ft of printing through each one over night...
  3. Question My Bizhub ruins all papers i print. What should i do?

    Check: Paper size and paper direction. Also Looks like you do not have enough gripper/feeder margin. Try running same paper with smaller image as a test.
  4. Cutting Issue On Summa S One D160

    Check your blade holder. Is it worn out?
  5. Graphtec FC8000-160 wobbly cuts on small files

    You might be cutting to slow. Change to 25. Knife is dragging through instead of gliding.
  6. CE or FC

    I'm running five Graftec fc8600's and one fc9000, These machines are bullet proof.
  7. Party bulletin posted in Lunchroom

    I'm not a Doctor, but I'll take a look.
  8. name badges

    General Formulations Brushed Aluminum Vinyl
  9. Government Contracts

    If you know someone, You're in. If not, it's a waste of time. Good Luck.
  10. name badges

    I do these all the time for real estate agents. I print on left over vinyl then apply to .040 styrene corner round then adhere a magnetic holder to the back. EASY $
  11. SP-300V

    Check your Heat Settings
  12. Production manager help

    Reinstall plotter. Open and recreate job. Then send cut job only. Happened to me once when deleting old cut files and I hit delete one time too many and deleted my cutter. OOPS!
  13. Reverse registration/crop marks?

    Just reroll the material.
  14. copy and paste from google

    Download image, then copy & paste
  15. What Plotter would you recommend?

    It's impressove too. Especially when a supplier's sales person stops in and everything is running at the same time and I'm going from cutter to cutter and sending jobs to each of them and they say WTF. 1200 to 1500 linier feet of 54" vinyl weekly.
  16. What Plotter would you recommend?

    I'm running two Seiko W-64 and two Roland XR-640, followed up with seven Graftec cutters, five 8600's and a 9000. Graftecs are bullet proof. Like Precision said Most problems are lack of experience in the operator. One of my Roland's runs about 18 hours per day and has 15 jobs in holding so...
  17. One Way Glass Vinyl

    As Gino said Perforated Vinyl. 50/50, 60/40, 65/35, 70/30, 80/20.
  18. SAV graphics with laminate not adhering well.

    I had a know it all person tell me that it was the memory of the laminate or the memory of the vinyl. Then I showed him the same graffixs printed and laminated 90 degrees and they curled the same. After trial and error found out I was using too much wetting agent.
  19. Acrylic Signs

    UV Screen Printing on the clear arcylic is the way to go.
  20. Anybody use Mac?

    I currently use pc's to rip & print on the Seiko's and Roland's. On my sheet fed printing I use a 2002 emac not an imac. Had to purchase the programs (quark express, illustrator, photo shop) $1300 just for the quark Suite. Ten years later the programs stopped working (aged out, no longer...