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  1. WTF id not quite there

    It's not Exotc 350
  2. Font ID

    I know that it isn't Artbrush, Freehand or Paint Stroke etc. Any idea?
  3. Font Id

    I have lots of similar fonts but not this one. Seen this before but please id. Thank you
  4. Font Name Please

    I need this font to cut vinyl. Please ID. Thanks
  5. Help With Error Mseg

    Please help so I can go home some time tonite. I am printing a 28" x 54 "on a Roland SP-300. The print comes out with 2" verticle lines across with "Not Registered" in the corners. The width of printing space is 28.1. If a print is slightly larger I normally get a warning along with the option...
  6. Corel X4 Upgrade

    Just got X4. When I got X3 upgrade there were 4 disks.The Programs, Clipart, Photos and Templates. There is only 1 disk in the box. Anyone know if it is all on the one disk? I do not want to install if I have to exchange it. Thanks.
  7. Corel X4

    What is up with Corel 4? Everything runs ridiculously slow. Form the start it just took 1min. 42 sec. just to open a new page. Forget copy and paste. Photo Paint is the same. Corel X3 does not do this. I am running the trial of X4. Could it have to do with having both on my computer? Never...
  8. Convert to Spanish

    I seem to recall an option in Corel that converts language. Does anyone know how?:help:
  9. I Know It's Simple

    But I can't think of this one. Bet You can ID within the first 2 posts:signs101::thankyou:. , Lynn
  10. Check Remaining Vinyl

    Can someone tell me how to check, with percision, the remaining vinyl on a roll ? I am attempting this on a Roland 30" Camm-1 Pro using Flexi Production Manager. Thanks, Lynn
  11. Flexi Problem

    I always make my signs in CDRx3 then export them in EPS to Flexi so I can contour cut. This file has a JPEG with the background taken out and the rest is EPS. I have printed this file before. When I tried to open it in Flexi this time the background is back. I have tried everything I can think...
  12. Font Name

    Hope its ok to ask. Does anyone know another name for Bodega Sans Light
  13. Eyedrop Tool

    In previouse versions I could pull color from a bitmap and put in a vector file. In X3 all I get is white. Is there a setting I am not aware of or did X3 change that feature?
  14. Roland Error

    I have never seen this before. Printed same file (this is a mock up cuz it didn't show up on photo) Last week and again today but has anyone encountered this before and what happened? Thanks - Can't get in touch w/ my Tech
  15. Help with Error Code

    VersaCamm SP-300 - I was doing a sheet cut and when I started to print again I got error code 0010 0010 can't find out what it means but my printer was stuck with the blade down till I fixed it by pushing down on the white screw by the wheel which released the blade. I can move the carrige to...
  16. font help Please

    Any ideas on these? Thanks so much
  17. Serif Font

    Anyone know what font this is? Thank You, Lynn
  18. Lot Of Fonts

    Can anyone recognize these? I know I have the small one @ home but can't think of the name. Scripts give me trouble with all the small characteristics. Thank you
  19. Auto Serialization

    Have never used this feature and now that I need it, I can't locate it. I am running Flexi 7.5 V2. The I have a manual for 7.5 - Page 65-66 says: from Arrange menu select Auto Serialization. My Arrange selections do not include Auto serial...:help: Now what?
  20. Font ID Please

    My customer did the lettering in ms office which I don't have. Anyone know what font this is? They want this across two widows and the window frame is 4" wide! I'm going to try to come up with an acceptable alternative.