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  1. Blacking out existing acrylic faces (what paint?)

    So I am about to go paint some faces for a debranding job. Honestly, I have seen it done a lot but never done it myself. I have flipped, stripped, removed or swapped them with ACM, but have never painted them. The faces in question need to be painted. What kind of paint do I use? Maybe I am...
  2. Playbill Looking font

    Does anyone happen to know this one? Picky customer, playbill wasn't close enough, plus the 3 was different anyway. Thanks, Chase
  3. Little help with script font

    Does anyone recognize this one? If not a font, what about something close? Thanks!
  4. Script font

    Hey, does anyone recognize this one? Thanks!
  5. Banner American Finisher 6300 laminator for sale

    Hello, I have a 63" laminator that has been taking room in my shop. I bought it in a package deal and don't need it. I was thinking maybe I would keep it to use for mounting to substrate, but I am looking at getting a new flatbed laminator. I have not webbed it up or tried to use it, but I did...
  6. Both fonts please

    I hate asking for fonts, let alone two, but does anyone recognize either of these? Thanks
  7. What am I missing? Adjusting SP-300V

    Hey guys, I'm a little stumped here and was hoping you could shed some light for me. I just had the black printhead replaced on the old workhorse and now my accuracy is suffering. It seems like normally after the tech leaves, I need to adjust the Bi-Directional adjustment for perfection instead...
  8. Blurry photo font help, kind of a script

    Hey font helpers, I'm sorry for the low quality photo, but I'm hoping someone here can recognize it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Western Looking (not Playbill) font

    Does anyone happen to know what this is by chance. Thanks!
  10. Wall Graphics vinyl...

    Does anyone else get tired of wall graphics? I've had several failures with wall graphics in the past and just am not a fan of doing them anymore. I rarely do them as many other local shops are cheaper for that stuff than me, but today's paint is just not conducive for wall vinyl. I know that...
  11. CM3 can't connect to CorelDraw

    Hello, I recently ungraded plotters and handed my CE6000 down to one of my employees. I always used CM3 with Corel X6 at my computer, but I can't seem to make it work on her machine with the same programs. When I go to the application launcher from Corel and try to send the file to CM3, it...
  12. The right media for the job?

    Hey Guys/Gals, I am looking for media suggestions for a big job I have coming up. I have a roughly 8'x40' sign that is going to be all digitally printed and I was looking for media recommendations. Normally when printing a flat sign such as this that is outdoors and needs a long life, I grab...
  13. Roland XJ-540 for parts or repair

    Hello, I have a Roland XJ 54" printer that has been taking room in my shop. I can get pictures if there is any interest. I bought it as a package deal a little over a year ago and have not had time to mess with it, nor do I have a need for it. The machine is pretty much clogged up. I did a...
  14. XR-640 print quality issues starting to appear

    Hey Guys/gals, I have an XR that is starting to get some age on her and I was wondering is anyone had some ideas of things I need to try. I do my best to keep a clean machine inside and out, and stay pretty current with all of the consumer based consumables, but I feel like it is time to get a...
  15. What kind of glue/adhesive do I need

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for gluing pads (such as the ones Gemini uses) to the back of ACM for exterior use? I have used Gorilla in the past and scuffed the backside of the panel first with some luck, but I know there is a better adhesive out there.
  16. Trying to find a script font

    I've found some similar fonts, but just haven't found the one yet. Close enough will be good enough for this one. Thanks!!!
  17. Offering services to big shops?

    Hey guys/gals, I want to make it clear that I'm not soliciting work, just curious about some of the processes. We are a small shop, and have been receiving more and more calls recently for site surveys, installations, etc. I used to dislike getting these calls with often times impossible...
  18. Looking for a specific Aluminum post and cap

    Hey guys, I've been scouring all of my normal sources looking for a specific post/cap combo. The post is 3 1/4" OD and roughly 1/8" wall. If anyone can direct me where to find such posts and caps, please let me know. Thanks
  19. Font ID please

    Hey guys, I need help with another one. I usually try to pay it forward and help others, but golly, some of you guys are so good I can't even start to look before someone else has the answer.
  20. Block Font help

    Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if any of you recognized this one. Thanks!