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  1. Am I wrong????

    I received a job from a national - we've talked about them before on the site - you know slow pay - really slow pay - Those of you who have dealt with them will know who they are - Anyway, We surveyed and pulled permits, I billed them for the same and they come back and say that according to...
  2. laser speed question

    Using a 35 watt Universal Co2 Lasering Duets and Rowmark Laser XT Issue - Raster engraving seems like it could be a bit faster - vector cuts good enough Question - What is the relationship between Power, speed and PPI Can raster up to 1000 PPI I am rastering at 500 PPI, 50% power and 65%...
  3. Font Help

    anybody have a guess - I already vectored what I saw - see picture - could not get a match on find my font - client is busting aggotts over the stroke width - it could be a custom font - any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Should we call the location service?

    Took this pic the other day while on site - Do we still need to locate the gas and electric?
  5. Not a new member

    Just out of curiosity - I've been a member here for several years, but my profile reads "New Member" . Is there somewhere in my profile where I can change that moniker? And yes, I know I'm a new member compared to some of you old dogs. I'm just not "New-New" Thanks in advance
  6. Need Help Pen stylus In flexi

    I think I have carpal problems from being on the mouse so much. Does Anyone Use A Stylus To Design Signs In Flexi?