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  1. Font ID please and thank you

    What the Font had no suggestions and the client doesn't know either.
  2. Any guess what this media is?

    Bought this roll as part of an auction lot, don't recognize the logo and a search for "iflex", "clflex", "colflex" doesn't give me anything vinyl related. It's a 60"x150'(ish), matte (very matte, almost paper-look to it) with gray air release adhesive on a white backing, not super thick 3-4 mil...
  3. Sublimated towel source?

    Anyone got a good supplier? I've reached out to 2 companies and not gotten a response from either. I need about 70 pieces for an upcoming project (can work within whatever minimums if need be). Have 2 potential design options, one is full coverage, one is just a corner.
  4. Fred is awesome!

    I had him do some Edge printed work for me and they came out just as expected and a darn sight quicker than expected. A BIG thumbs up! :thumb:
  5. Illustrator color pallette won't give me CMYK, only RGB

    even though my document is in CMYK (yeah, I know and I just learned tonight that I'm doing it wrong but that's beside the point). My color slider bar thingies are RGB and I don't know why or how it got that way when the file is set up as CMYK.
  6. Fabric won't stay flat

    I bought some printable polyester fabric from BigFishDM to run through my Z3100. It prints nice, has a great feel to it, and generally seems like it'll work well..... until I try to print anything longer than about 4 feet. It'll start to bunch up and get wrinkled where it's feeding into the...