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  1. Acrylic Signs

    Hey all, I have a customer looking for acrylic signs with an adhesive backing for classrooms. They need to have 1 inch letters, adhesive backing, and must use contrasting colors. So, 2 colors with adhesive backing sized at 12" x 9". I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction, or...
  2. Silk Screening

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Will be looking in to your suggestions!
  3. Silk Screening

    Outside size- 36" X 25" Inside size: 33" X 22" 355-380 mesh Flat stock. We're printing on vinyl sheets sized at 24" X 15". We mostly use it for our stickers, but will expand to other products in the future. We just started out this year when we've had time.
  4. Silk Screening

    We have a silk screen press in our sign shop for certain projects. Any merchant members out there have a good hook up on silk screening products, such as UV inks, or screens? Hope this is allowed!
  5. Magnetic Panels

    So we're trying to do a job for the city. They want their message board to be magnetic instead of cork board, and they want it to look like stainless steel. Now, I don't believe that the way my boss is wanting me to do this will work. His plan is to take our magnet roll and cut pieces to then...
  6. Font ID Requested!

    Thank you both of you! Much appreciated!
  7. Font ID Requested!

    Hey all, hope the sign world is still treating you alright. Got a quick font match request. Any ideas? I've found similar fonts, however none with the descender as pictured. Thanks in advance!
  8. Blade advice needed!

    Hey y'all hope all is well in the signage world. Pretty basic question today. What type of blades do you guys use for your xacto? Or a different knife all together? We have utility blades and all that, those I'm not as worried about those. We have x-life #11 and I swear they chip as soon as I...
  9. Epson SureColor T5170 Wireless Printer questions!

    Hi all, thanks always for reading and taking the time to reply. My question is this: we just purchased an Epson SureColor T5170 Wireless Printer and I was hoping to use it with graphtec pro studio to make the sheets for burning our screens. However I cannot resize the document to be able to...
  10. Lettering a trailer -- Need advice

    I was trying to avoid going through all the specifics of the job and so on. I was mostly looking for general tips about dealing with trailers. Tips like the Rollie pro for rivets, what edges I should use for measuring, cut at the seams, that kind of advice. I got exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Lettering a trailer -- Need advice

    I really appreciate the responses, you guys rock. I'm blessed that this is just for a laundromat and not anything crazy like some of the graphics I have seen out there. Thanks all!
  12. Lettering a trailer -- Need advice

    Hey y'all hope all is well in the sign world today. So, we have a trailer that I'm stuck lettering and I've never done it before. Just looking for any general tips or anything you can offer to make this process less painful. The current 8x16 trailer we're doing has no rivets. Our next job has...
  13. Jagged lines from the cutter

    Thanks for the responses, I knew I could count on you guys. So, our blade is relatively new and I believe my boss went name brand. It still looks to be in great condition. I cleaned out the head, there was a little bit of gunk in there. Looking at the design more closely I can see that the...
  14. Jagged lines from the cutter

    Hey y'all, another query here. I'm using the CE7000-60 to cut with graphtec pro studio and I'm getting some jagged lines off of it. Sometimes it will happen when the quality of the image I have is too low. That's understandable. I've never had it with typed text before however. This ampersand...
  15. Need Help With Matching Font!

    Bless your heart my friend, THANK YOU! Did you know that off hand or do you have a site that helps with that? Or something completely different?
  16. Need Help With Matching Font!

    We're looking to match this font exactly for the customer. I've found some that come pretty close, but this is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades. If you guys know of any resources to help match font it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  17. Need Help CE7000-60 Having trouble with getting files to cut correctly

    Thank you for the replies, that helps me out a ton! Now, on to my next question, are you familiar with graphtec pro studio? If you are, is this something I can do myself or do I need AI or Photoshop or the like to do that? Referring to rasterizing an image. I'm not sure if I'm just blind and...
  18. Need Help CE7000-60 Having trouble with getting files to cut correctly

    So I'm using a ce7000-60 with graphtec pro studio. I'm relatively new to sign making and most of the experience I have is from trial and error or forums/videos. We've had decent success so far with some designs, while others load in with lines that aren't straight or so many hidden paths to go...