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  1. Help on font

    Anyone know what font this is?
  2. Anyone know this font

    Anyone know what font this is?
  3. Hockey puck labels

    What material for full color printing on hockey pucks tops should I use for it to hold up.
  4. Thread raveling

    What causes this to do this?
  5. Cutting coroplast sign board

    Can I cut this with a cnc router? Can I apply the printed vinyl first this cut it? Any suggestions on cnc router models? Thanks!
  6. Overseas plastic printer file designers

    Anyone know anyone who builds files in g code for our plastic printer?
  7. Wilcom Question

    Can I select the whole .emb design and reduce stitch count in the design? Thanks!
  8. Odyssey boat logo

    Can anyone provide this artwork or links to these Patoon boat logos. This boat manufacturer looks to be out of business. Thanks!
  9. Whats vinyl is used on boats and marine things?

    What can you use on boat numbers logos etc?
  10. What brands do u guys have for dtf printers?

    Just curious what all different brand dtf printers do you guys have?
  11. King toss corn hole

    What substrates are common to cover the boards for custom graphics? Is there a standard? These guys say not to slick nit so tacky. Lol. Help! Thanks!
  12. Engraving 2 color plastic name tags

    Anyone have suggestions for engraving 2c plastic name tags? Laser watt? or rotary engraver? We will be doing 2x3 name tags. Thanks!
  13. STS DTF system

    Anyone have a sts dtf system?
  14. Heat Press Foils

    Any suggestions where to get the foils at wholesale? Stahls has some but looking for more choices other then Amazon... Thanks!
  15. Anyone know this font

    Anyone this font
  16. ID card and gift card printing

    On the gift cards that stores us such as on a Square pos system. Can you generate a numbering system and the store use these? Or does these have to be brought from Square do to fact there monitored and kept on the squares server? Anyone ever try this? Thanks!
  17. Pad printer questions

    Anyone into pad printing here?? My question is to burn a plate with a laser what watt laser is needed? Thanks
  18. Sublimation plate sources

    Anyone have any sources for 8in or 10in sublimation souvenir plates. Thanks
  19. Banner questions

    Can you buy already sewn and grommet banners blank to add vinyl lettering to? Also on printed banners after you print them how and what do you sew then with?
  20. HP115 question

    Can I print banner material on the HP115?