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  1. seeking Vutek technician help!

    Hi! could someone recommend an independent Vutek tech who could come/travel to Michigan to service our GS2000? Thank you!!
  2. where to buy a screen?

    Hello! we need to buy 1 wood frame screen for a hobby screen printing 18x24 yard sign project. Who sells these? What mesh count should we get for UV ink printing on coroplast? Thank you
  3. How to flush heads vutek?

    Hi guys! I have a GS2000 and need to clean a printhead. I know there's an on board solvent line that can be connected to the print head to give it a good rinse. I never done it before. Could someone please tell me, which cleaning preset do I need to run once the solvent line is connected to a...
  4. List - Magnets that don’t stick

    Let’s make a list of vehicles magnets won’t stick to! F150 aluminum body (Please only post vehicles you’re sure of)
  5. Vutek Freelance TECH in or around Michigan

    Looking for a contract / freelance Tech help with a few Vutek issues we're having, just a quick side gig, Flint, Michigan. PM for details