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  1. Versa 5.5.1 Halftone Annoyance

    Roland SP300V, I'm more use to profiling Mimakis with flexi or efi XF so versaworks seems a bit alien to me.
  2. Versa 5.5.1 Halftone Annoyance

    Anyone any ideas?
  3. Versa 5.5.1 Halftone Annoyance

    Found an annoyance with versa, when I select to create a new media profile at 1440x1440, I only get the option for angled screen halftones (which prints nasty), is there anyway to make it so I can use dither or any other halftone?
  4. Flexisign 10.5 Profiling Issue

    Fresh from a versaworks issue, and now in to a flexi 10.5 profiling issue, once I get to the multi-ink limit page change the percentage to the desired percent based on second print verification and then clicking next button, just does nothing where I’m sure it should go to the next step of...
  5. Versa 5.51 and i1Pro 2

    yup did the trick, thanks
  6. Versa 5.51 and i1Pro 2

    has anyone managed to get a i1pro 2 working with versa 5.51? when I go to calibration if throws up the error 4087 and if I click mesure it throws up 4085/7 any advice would be most welcome as I was under the impression the i1 was backwards compatible (printer is sp300v) Thanks
  7. Weird Ruler being printed

    problem, I now have is if, I went new head route and the bloody lines are still there, will have to think about it over next couple of days.
  8. Weird Ruler being printed

    FFS now get head heat error, think i'm gonna give up on the old bird.
  9. Weird Ruler being printed

    Changed over the head cables and now I get the following problems shown in the photos, one is of the test print that looks horrendous and the other is a photo i've been trying to print since this whole mess started. Will be bald by the end of the week at this rate.
  10. Weird Ruler being printed

    Nope, printhead has been in for years, as printed many things above 25" before.
  11. Weird Ruler being printed

    its bloody annoying as it only happens on prints wider than 25 inches.
  12. Weird Ruler being printed

    this is a close up of the patten its printing every 3-5 inches after 25" prints, which is strange as it prints perfect for stuff below 25 inches
  13. Weird Ruler being printed

    this seems to happen on prints above 24 inch only, this is a valuejet 1304
  14. Weird Ruler being printed

    Just started to print a photo to canvas and I get these strange ruler type marks being printed, see photo below; I can't for the life of me understand why. Using fiery xf 7.1.1 but nothing has changed in the rip
  15. Maintenance Station Flushbox

    All sorted now
  16. Maintenance Station Flushbox

    thanks just sorted now the damn thing aint pulling ink via the fullup
  17. Maintenance Station Flushbox

    Hi Guys, just a quick question does the flushbox tubing sit in the two holes in the plastic box or do you put them straight into the tubing for the waste bottle?
  18. VJ1304 Sledge

    Just checked and platen and pre don't heat up, but everything is dry to the touch, guess i'm going to need to get the crimps out and have a go a reconnecting. My only thought is why would it be live that in the first place.
  19. VJ1304 Sledge

    Nope running eco solvent, and the front heater heats up