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  1. Air Filtration for Workshop After UV Printer Install

    I put in an air exchanger and also got (2) of the airwash pro units listed above.
  2. Summa 1620 Flatbed-Which Rip Software?

    Optiscout would replace GoProduce. It just had a lot of features I had been waiting for GoProduce to add. I started using SummaFlex with my SummaF, which is based off of Optiscout, so I was already familiar with it. The really cool part is if there was something in the driver I needed tweaked...
  3. Summa 1620 Flatbed-Which Rip Software?

    I love Caldera. But I have also switched over to the full version of OptiScout to run my F1612.
  4. ProColorGraphics

    Send me the detail of what you need. I should be able to help.

    Send me the detail of what you need. I should be able to help.
  5. Forex cutout with Summa F

    I have cut 6mm pvc with mine without any issues. With straight lines and big curves, you should be fine.
  6. Epson's UV flatbed is a fact: SC-V7000

    What kind of issues are you having? There are some minor things that are irritating, but nothing I would consider major. The main thing I run into is the vertical head alignment shifts a little, which causes banding but mostly in just white. So I have to adjust that every now and then.
  7. Epson's UV flatbed is a fact: SC-V7000

    That's odd you had to do all of that. I know mine was initially connected via wifi, then plugged in a network cable and had the same issue. All I had to do is change the ip address in the computer settings and it was back up and going.
  8. Holographic sticker wholesale printer references

    Hey Goatshaver. Send me the details and I will get you a quote.
  9. Cost of HF router?

    .125", .25". 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
  10. Question Lease or Buy

    I get way better rates from my local bank versus the leasing companies. Ends up way cheaper.
  11. Thoughts on new equipment installation and training

    I think it depends on the person. For me, I like to be shown the basics of where the standard functions are and how to use it. Then I just have to dive in and start working with it.
  12. Glo in the Dark vinyl

    If you don't want to buy a roll, I have some on hand. ;)
  13. Epson's UV flatbed is a fact: SC-V7000

    Wow. That is totally the opposite of my experience. Can't really blame the company for damage in shipping. Are you using the Epson Edge Print RIP? I ditched that as soon as Caldera got me the driver. I only used Edge Print for about a month. I did not care for that at all. With the profiles I...
  14. Looking for a good condition Summa F Series

    How much are you looking to spend?
  15. Epson's UV flatbed is a fact: SC-V7000

    I have had mine a little over a year and love it!
  16. Looking to buy a laminator

    Where are you located? Wanting new or used?
  17. Anybody use Mac?

    I just got my new Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra and it is awesome!! I have been all Mac for the past 10+ years, other than a few PC's I have to have for specific programs to run certain equipment.
  18. For everyone thinking of purchasing a Summa, specifically F1612, don't.

    That is some crazy bad luck you had with yours. Mine has been awesome!
  19. Hugh File size. Help! Illustrator / Photoshop Expert needed.

    On the latest CC version anyways, you can right click with the image selected and choose "simplify". It does a decent job of reducing the number of nodes. I have the Astute plugins, which have several helpful tools too.
  20. Cost of HF router?

    It plugs in the same as any other module. I haven't had any issues with mine being in the way loading boards. I have some other routing mats that I like WAY better. I will send you info on those.