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  1. Looking for Roland EJ 640 Reviews

    My Friend is looking for a new printer and the EJ 640 is at the top of the list along with an Epson S60600 and a HP Latex. Mainly looking for pros and cons on the EJ but would love to hear from someone that has experience with two or more of these printers. Thanks
  2. GHOST WrapGlove

    Anyone who uses a wrap glove for installation should try the GHOST WrapGlove. They are super slick and allow your hand to slide over the vinyl effortlessly. They are so slick that they come with a warning not to uses them when climbing a ladder. I have been amazed by them the last 2 days. The...
  3. Need Help Sharing Excel spreadsheets on Signs 101

    I don't see an option to share excel files on this forum. Can it be done, or do I need to host them somewhere else and post a link?
  4. Best Installation Videos

    Installation videos you can trust and are full of a lot of good information. Cookie's Tips 3M Richie Daize - WrapItRight Justin Pate - The Wrap Institute
  5. PPF Removal

    Any tips on how to remove old cracked PPF film? Is it similar to vinyl removal?
  6. SGIA - Anyone find any cool new Tools, Techniques, or Technology

    Image1Impact has a new version of the Wrap Cut Knife with a special coating that slides like butter between the liner and vinyl. The new version has a black textured coating. I picked up one and it is awesome. I had the Yellotools version (body guard knife) and gave up on it after the glass tape...
  7. Logo update Feedback

    I've known for a long time that my old logo is overdone and not very legible (see business card) I needed some shirts for SGIA so I decided for a total redesign. I'm looking for constructive criticism on the new design. And, yes "& Signs" looks like an afterthought. Right now I only install for...
  8. 2013 Tacoma Emblems

    Do the door emblems on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma have locator holes? I'm pretty sure it just VHB.
  9. Curing Prints & Wrapping Videos

    Here is a good video that talks about curing prints and shows some of the effects that solvent has on vinyl - 3M - Cookie's Tip - Curing Prints 3M - Cookie's Tips has lots of good videos for all skill levels. Other good vehicle wrapping video resources on YouTube: Geek Wraps Ritchie...
  10. Corel Updated to 6.4 - Generate QR Codes

    With Corel's latest update to 6.4 you can now generate QR Codes. Cool feature.
  11. How do you quote your out of area travel costs?

    I have worked in the industry for about 18 years and started my own business a little over a year ago. When I worked at other shops and quoted jobs we charged our labor rate + the federal mileage rate for job out of our city. How do you charge for travel and any logic behind you decisions?
  12. LinkedIn

    How many Signs101 members use LinkedIn? If you do use it what are the benefits if any?
  13. Anyone know this font

    I have several signs i need to recreate using this font. Magneto was the closest I could find. Anyone have any idea?
  14. Removal 4 yr old Oracal

    I have a 4year old wrap to remove. The vinyl was 3951ra. I don't know why I let myself get talked into using oracal but I did. Now it's time to remove and rewrap two vans and it's not removing like 3M. Does anyone have any advice besides lighting it on fire and calling the fire department...
  15. Font ID

    Good morning. I have tried What the Font but can't find this font. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  16. United States, Kansas - Olathe

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? United States In what state or province are you located? Kansas In what city or town are you located? Olathe What large city is nearest you? Kansas City Check all items that apply to your listingInstallations (Basic, no permits)...
  17. Calendard Vehicle Graphics

    The pictures below are a prime example of why not to use calendard vinyl for vehicle graphics. We removed these so I have no clue what grade or manufactures vinyl was used, but it was calendard. (But we use premium cast vinyl) The difference in actual cost of materials between the most...
  18. Ford Transit Wrap

    How does a Ford Transit wrap compare time wise to a Ford Van? I am headed out to take a look at one, just wanted to get some real world feedback before my final quote. Thanks in advance
  19. Corel X4 and Eyecandy 6

    Just downloaded and installed the trial version of Eyecandy 6. It doesn't seem to work with Corel X4 anymore. Corel isn't listed on the supported software list and I can't remember if it was in the past. Anyone get it to work. I have all 3 Eyecandy 5's, Xenofex 2, and Snap Art working with X3...
  20. Can't find this font

    Anyone got a line on this font. What the Font is no help.