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  1. Opinions on backlit signs with printers that print white

    Most of my flatbed customers print these. Have been doing it for 15 years since uv printing was starting. We’ve called it day-night backlit because it’s the right color with lights on or off. Before that, backlit was always too dark with lights off. They mostly print color- white- color second...
  2. Suggestions Looking for a flatbed printer

    Vanguard is a very reliable machine. It is now run as the developer set up with national service technicians and also sold through servicing dealers through out the country. I just listed an Oce Canon on EBay which I sold the customer 12 years ago and now replacing it with a Vanguard. Bruce
  3. Question OKI "mimaki" M64 Looking for Service Manual and DOES ANYONE HERE OFFER PAID PHONE / TEAMS SUPPORT ??

    I have a question- who did you buy this printer from who is not supporting you?
  4. Question OKI "mimaki" M64 Looking for Service Manual and DOES ANYONE HERE OFFER PAID PHONE / TEAMS SUPPORT ??

    I have many caps in stock. This is the highest wear item in these printers since they are like the tires on your car., If you have the H or H2 models, they are dinosaurs. Which model do you have? The High Solvent inks dropped out 10 years ago and went to Eco Solvent inks. I'm still selling 6-10...
  5. Ricoh GEN 5 printheads - magenta lines

    Usually it's an electronic problem. Power off printer and try reseating cables on head and board above then power up and try. A 2nd way to diagnose is to power off, switch cables between magenta and another head then power up. Do a nozzle print and heads will not print in the right locations...
  6. printing issues

    Try a different lot number or brand. It’s definitely a vinyl problem. It affects solvent printers because they print into the vinyl. I’ve seen it on Avery and 3m products. Less of a problem on latex and uv printers because they stay on top of vinyl and can cover up the issues. Bruce

    Been having 261x errors a lot since Covid downtime has affected these printers. It means your subtank at head level is not emptying much. This is mostly caused by a cap that needs a thorough cleaning or replacement. Your Cyan cap needs this. It's funny because head 1 uses the number 0! So 2612...

    Tell me what you're looking to do and I can send you the pages Bruce

    CutContour has to be spelled with capital C's
  10. Flatbed UV Suggestions

    We can show you the new Vanguard printers if you like. We are the Vanguard dealer covering NY area. Bruce@melloimaging.com
  11. General Formulations Holographic

    You can outline each reg mark with white tape around each one. One of my customers has done it by first cutting out stickers on white vinyl to go around reg marks instead of using tape when doing reflective
  12. L26500 Color matching

    You obviously don’t know me. I only sell the most reliable and only local here in ny. And we always service what we sell. And what do you do?
  13. L26500 Color matching

    I haven’t told them they bought the wrong printer. Can you get parts for these now? Heads? 26500 was a great model. My hint is: Buy a better printer! Good luck to all the HP people!
  14. L26500 Color matching

    If you want to have consistent accurate color, buying the right printer is completely solution oriented. I’ve sold many HP latex printers back in the days it was new but dealing with customer’s constant problems I have no desire to carry. Frank- you point out the problem HP has and we have...
  15. L26500 Color matching

    Buy yourself an EPSON

    It sounds like too much brake pressure applied to laminate on laminator. You stretch out the laminate, especially 2 mil cast, apply to non stretched print and it will just want to curl up.
  17. Circle sticker issues

    But an EPSON printer and a Summa cutter
  18. Summa s2 T series just stops cutting in the middle of jobs

    Clean out your PC hard drive and defrag it. This is a printing and cutting problem that’s been going on for years. Just helped an old friend having the same problem printing- starts printing, then just stops. Hooked up my laptop, printer runs fine. Bought a new Pc Bruce
  19. Question What is the value - CET printer

    With freight costs today, trucking a large 3000lb printer would cost$10k Lol
  20. Summa s2 T series just stops cutting in the middle of jobs

    It’s either a bad usb connection or a bogged down pc. Clean out hard drive if full and defrag and create cut file again