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Question 300x300 DPI vs 600x300 DPI


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HI, I have had troubles in the past were by foil get spotty down at the bottom of the vinyl when printing from my Edge 2, so I decided to make this change in the print setting from 300x300 DPI to 600x300 DPI. I do not know what it does, but my foils have been printing much better onto my vinyl since I made this change. Can someone explain to me what this does and is it safe and okay to continue to keep my print options at 600x300 DPI?


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That changes the resolution that the Edge2 prints. At 600x300 the Edge will print slower but have a higher resolution. Small text, halftones, fades and small objects will look sharper. If the bottom of your prints is spotty at 300x300 that's a sign that your print head is either dirty or starting to wear out. Clean the print head with the Gerber thermal approve cleaning card and clean the roller. If it still doesn't print well, it might be time to get it serviced.