Acrylic Standoff Sign - Leave Masking On or Off?


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I'm always of mixed opinions on this one. If you're making an acrylic standoff sign that a customer will mount, do you peel the masking off or not?

If I were the one putting it up, I'd rather have masking on it while doing the install and then peel it off at the last minute. That keeps it finger print free and protects it from scratches as long as possible. Also makes it easier and safer to transport.

With that said, the customer doesn't get to see the sign "finished" when they pick it up. I've also had issues where the customers don't peel the masking off, which is perplexing to say the least. Also peeling the masking on the little letters can be a bit of a pain in the ***.

I've been peeling everything except the backside of the acrylic sign just to keep it protected, but I'm sitting here again questioning my method.

What do you guys do?


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If it's a customer pickup I remove the masking tape or protective films and wrap it with paper or something to protect it until the customer picks it up.

Mr. Signboy

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I usually wrap in stretchwrap if it’s something I’m just protecting from scratches, that way it can be left on for install and it’s see through.