Any lighting tips for weeding vinyl - especially white - I can not see cut lines


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So make sure your blade depth and pressure are dialed in. Use a heat gun and go over cut vinyl. The heat will cause the vinyl to shrink just a hair allowing you to see the backer color.


CorelDRAW is best
The pounce bag is what I suggested soon after starting here (over 17yrs ago) and I had absolutely no weeding experience.
Uh...nobody listened to me. Along with many other great ideas. We still squint and look from every angle 'til the light is just right.
Glad to here it actually works.

d fleming

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After making sure the bifocals are in place I just look at it from an angle. My wife can't do it.
I can see where a light panel in a work table would be very useful. Maybe I'll do one for her and see. I wouldn't trust her with a pounce sock, lol. I have a small light box for pinholing screens in the print shop but that is purpose suited.


pounce, but if it's going on glass or going to be illuminated sometimes the blue (or whatever color powder you choose) could show up. Depending on the size of the vinyl you need to weed, you can put it in the freezer for a bit and it will separate a bit making it easier to see. Or just wait a day or so the same effect.