Anybody do any type of doming?

we've been doing doming on a small scale for over a year now and have had great results. were using a resin which when hardens under uv light goes quite stiff/ridged. were wanting to start doing some other items that need to slightly go on soft curves and i know you can get different resins that don't harden so stiff. we've had a sample of the "softer" resin but it doesn't cure 100 percent and is sticky on the edges etc. can anyone recommend a resin that will be suitable and not so stiff once cured?


Bill Modzel

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I've been using Diamond Cote from Advantage Sign Supply.
The finished pieces are reasonably flexible and seem to have no problem adhering to a gentle curve.
The only "sticky" issue is the very beginning and end of a tube where the resins are not fully mixed. There's always a few throw a ways there but I'm usually doing fairly small pieces also.
thanks bill, i thought more peoplw on here would be into the whole doming thing! we use a 1 part resin, no mix, but may try the mix type as alot of people seem to use that. is that what you use the 2 part mixers?

Bill Modzel

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Yep, we use the two part mixers. They work fine it seems as long as you push a bit through before you start doing your real decals.


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I do Doming.

I get my stuff from EpoxiesEtc

The 60-7155 is the 1 part UV cure hard.

The 60-7156 is the 1 part UV cure soft.

They will send you a free sample to try.

I only do the hard and I am on 5th Gallon in 2 years. Love IT !!!

I have done some stickers with the soft, but it slid off.... My sticker had a UV inhibitor in it... Prevented the final cure at the surface.

I do FRP tags so no bending.


How big is the 5000?


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click that link in the post for details... here are a few pix..


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How much are you looking for?

What size is the inside drawer area?

What is the UV source? What is the bulb number? How many?

They sell UV Glasses and the bulb is $180.00 so this is serious UV....

I am currently doing it with a set of 3 black light tubes from Home Depot....

There are times I wish I had a QUICK Cure Oven.....

Interested in the oven....



we do some short run doming in house and just use a kit we got from rds accuflow
works good any large quantity like over 250 we send to development associates
up in RI they do a great job
back in the computer and pager hay days we made a ton of nameplates and we domed them we had a 2 part resin mix and an electronic syringe that we used it was pretty high tech for back then
we also use epoxies etc and have been using the hard epoxy and have had 2 samples to try ont he softer one but everytime we try the softer one its always sticky/tacky around the edge!! i really need to get a softer resin for some stuff i need to do for a customer. anyone have any ideas as to what to try?