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Discussion Are Facebook ads really worth for running Sign company Ads?


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When I graduated high school, I was heavy into cartooning, so I went through the phone book, found the most awful, ugly ads and company logos, then sent out faxes on spec. I got so much business from that-- lot of them wanted shirts and caps, so had to team up with a local print shop and embroider. But sending it thru the fax or dropping it off as a print in person was VERY effective.


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Think about it this way. Google and Facebook are selling ads. They want to maximize their own profits so the price they charge for ads is strategically set so they max their profits and increase revenue for you…but at a cost just low enough that you’ll consider giving it a chance for a while even though you aren’t actually making much after paying for ads. The problem I’ve experienced is that my revenue goes up but just barely more than the ads cost.

Analyze they types of customers you already serve and advertise directly to those types of customers. In most cases online ads are best suited for online products.


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When a potential customer clicks onto your FB add they are then inundated with similar adds from any other company that happens to be using FB adverts. You are paying FB to provide leads for their own algorithms.

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Paying for FB ads doesn't always reach your target audience, and yes, like pw66 said, every other competitor paying for ads will hit the same people the algorithm thinks will fit, so you just made it the same as looking up "sign companies" in a phone book, and paid more for it.

Having a FB page can be good, it's free, takes minutes to post random jobs you do so people will get an idea of what you do. Your customers will usually follow you, and if you can tag them, or if they share posts you made of jobs you did for them, or they make mention of you, all of their followers see them and may check you out, which is probably as, or more effective than paying for ads. FB isn't what I would consider a major advertising platform for a sign shop because it's more of a business to business industry than selling consumer retail products that the masses buy. The nature of the industry makes it tough to get in front of the right audience, not many troll FB looking for signage, but it can still help. We get inquiries and jobs from ours that we might have never gotten if we didn't have one, have never paid for target ads, and almost no time or effort on our part.